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So of course, none of us want the series to end but it probably will unless the writers can come up with a way to keep the element alive without jumping the shark and ruining the show. Maybe they will, who knows? So I personally think it should end on a heart touching note. Nothing too big. I don't think they should do "Ice keng b cums Semon agin ind Mercaleen meks out wit hem even tho he ez so mech older ten her, phisicalee." like everyone has been saying, but I do think it should end on a good note between them (NOT DATING). I really hope there isn't some crazy love falling out and huge drama with FP and PB and stuff between now and the end so, even though I don't ship it, I'd really prefer just Finn with Flame Princess, in a casual relationship (not lovey dovey), doing fun stuff together like dungeons and such. I think it should end with one final moment of them all gathering together for a last picture. I don't really want anything higher than 16 year old Finn, but that's so close :( He's 14 right now. Only 1 or 2 more seasons? I hope they can think up a solution. Anyways, how do you think the show should end? Discuss.