Just to clear something up, this blog has nothing to do with Bacon Pancakes. It's an analysis of Jake.

Also, I did previously make this blog but it was very tedious to me at the time so I'm remaking it now. Here goes.

Hello again! As some of you may have seen, I recently finished my episode-by-episode analysis of Finn's growth and personality development through life and heroism:

I have decided to now do an analysis of all of the main characters in the show: Finn, Jake, PB, Ice King, and Marcy. This one will be about Jake (obviously). Since each character is developed differently, Jake's analysis will revolve more around what is shown about him, how he helps Finn to grow, and his role with Finn's journey (The reason the blog is called "Jake's episode guide to Bacon Pancakes" is because I couldn't think of a proper role so I'm not gonna call it "Jake's episode guide to friend" or "Jakes episode guide to sidekicking". Perhaps I'll figure out a proper role while I analyse. He's somewhat of a mentor I guess. I think of him as gandalf). I'll update this from time to time to add more and more episodes, just as I did with the Finn analysis.

Slumber Party Panic

This is where the basis of Jake's personality is set. What sets Jake's development aside from Finn's is that Jake gets personality development and some backstory, evenly, throughout the series. We see his personality from the start but it's revealed more and more. However, Finn grows throughout the series. Sure, he has a basic personality set but it morphs and changes. So, Jake is shown to be playful, fairly nosy, and easily distracted in this episode. He wasn't in it that often and it was more of an episode to set Finn on his journey, than to showcase Jake.

Trouble in Lumpy Space

Jake is shown to be able to accept the possibility of danger more than Finn is when he decides that he could turn into a Lumpy Space person but Finn denies it. Jake seems to be loyal but his mind was overcome so it's not his fault he turned his back on Finn.


Jake seems more righteous and heroic in this episode, telling Finn to tend to the princesses, and caring less about his own well-being. He's also able to help his friend but with a sense of humor, embarrassing Finn.

Tree Trunks

Jake is shown to be able to be overcome fairly easily and to care a lot for his friends, shielding them when the signs were attacking.

The Enchiridion!

Jake seems to know a lot about heroism in this episode. He's less naive than Finn and can sometimes use logic to understand situations. He knows plenty about being righteous and I wonder how he learned so much about being a hero. He's not always moral or motivated but sometimes he can give good advice (what his character was meant to do, Bill Murray-style).

The Jiggler

In this episode, we learn that Jake tastes awesome xD We also see his understanding of things like wild animals. Jake's intelligence is odd. He sometimes has knowledge to share with Finn and is sometimes much duller than him.

Ricardio the Heart Guy

Jake knows a lot more about life and growth in this episode. He also seems to have a default assumption that people are good, until proven wrong, rather than profiling.

Business Time

This is the first episode where Jake is shown to be REALLY lazy. He'll definitely step in to save the day if he's TOLD what to do but he's not very smart and can't really think much for himself when it comes to being a hero. I would talk about how he didn't just stop himself from becoming fat but I'm pretty sure it's just a joke for the sake of the show.

My Two Favorite People

In this episode, Jake is shown to be jealous and to react poorly to situations, shown when he tries to get back at Finn and Lady by making them jealous as well. He's also shown to know his faults at the end when he admits his ignorance.

Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Well we do get the backstory that he's Finn's brother through adoption but not much about his personality. He was mostly just a tag-along in this episode.


Jake is kind of shown to be non-gluttonous in this episode by essentially saying "I've got all I need, I don't need any more". We also see that his natural instinct when approached with a heroic challenge is to put it off when he reflects the awakening spell. This could mean that he has to force himself to go on adventures sometimes.


Jake is kind of a smooth talker in this episode, convincing Finn that house hunting is "wild" and giving him lectures just so he doesn't have to face his fear, though he may just be somewhat of a philosopher, in a sense. He's an interesting guy.

City of Thieves

Here, we see more of Jake's natural instincts. Finn was tricked into stealing, whereas Jake subconsiously did it. We also see that he sticks with Finn until the end.

The Witch's Garden

Another episode where we see Jake's subconciousness. We see some sort of gluttony and that his physical heroism and righteousness relies solely on his powers. We get what we think is backstory but turns out to be a load of BS and we see that, even though he may not be physically heroic, he at least has the intentions of saving others, but his laziness can often block that out.

Ocean of Fear

This episode shows how easily Jake gives up, though I don't blame him because Finn was skronking up his bread and butter xP It also proves that he will do a lot for his friends, but not as selflessly as Finn does because Finn would give up much more than his bread and butter for a friend. Maybe we'll see some growth of that in Jake later on.

When Wedding Bells Thaw

Jake seems more heroic in this episode. He cares most for the safety of the princess, contrary to the previous episode. He will also go as far as party with the Ice King xP


This was a pretty straight forward episode. Jake received newfound respect for his friend, as did Finn, and he realized that they need to work together. He also learned that PB is a very intelligent princess xD

The Duke

In this episode, we see more of Jake's "logic" and how he can kind of spin things to work in his favor when he decides that it's OK to arrest the Duke because of previous misdeeds that they knew nothing about and when he tries to think of ways that the Duke is a bad guy. However, a pudding dificiency doesn't excuse the Duke's stealing. I also wonder about the squirrel. I think it has to do with his old gang.

Freak City

Here we see Jake's secret desire to be a foot and that he's optimistic and can make the best out of any situation.


This episode shows Jake's edicate and some other random stuff. We also know he wears pants.


This expands more on Jake's fear of vampires and that he'll let it get in the way of saving his friend but he overcomes that in the end.

Rainy Day Daydream

This makes me wonder more about Jake's knowledge of the world. Finn had never seen a knife storm before but Jake seemed to recognize it (I also want to discuss how the f*** a knife storm works but perhaps another time). Maybe Jake had a closer relationship with his dad than Finn did and he taught him these things, which would make sense because Jake seems to think about their dad much more than Finn does and their dad thought Finn was a whiny baby. Of course he loved him deep down but I think he just bonded more with Jake. Anyways, we also see how much of Jake's personality relies on imagination and that Jake has a pretty crazy one, at that.

What Have You Done?

Here we see that Jake isn't as mindlessly following as Finn. He questions more as to why they do things, whereas Finn moslty does what PB tells him to. This is a little confusing because Jake also gives into peer-pressure a lot. I guess that's just the result of different people storyboarding different episodes.

His Hero

We see that Jake has a crush on Billy and that he can care more for the emotional well being of his friend than the physical well being of an old lady.

The Gut Grinder

I recently read TUN's analysis of Jake and he mentioned that Jake let's himself become what people think he is. He's very insecure. This makes me wonder if a villain could someday use him for evil in a subtle way. At least he's righteous about his acceptance of himself but he still allows others to shape his life. He's also ridiculous. The photo of the gut grinder had brown hair and was really shaggy.

The Eyes

This episode also showed how much Jake can let something or someone else get to him. He also is shown to be willing to kill something because it's annoying.

Loyalty to the King

Not much about Jake in this episode. He was mostly a tag-along but he got pretty serious during the princess interviews.

Blood Under the Skin

Here, Jake was able to "feel" the poem and he really seemed to know a lot about life and was able to set aside insecurity and harness the power of embarrassment to save his friend. Jake really seems to have some flip-flopping development.


Jake was really dramatic in this episode and also demanding.

Slow Love

We see here that Jake harnesses embarrassment again and doesn't seem insecure about pretending to be a woman like Finn was. He's also a skilled beat-boxer.

Power Animal

This episode showed how distracted Jake gets. He's very laid back, lazy, and doesn't really care about things that aren't devestatingly important to him. Even when he does care about something, his A.D.D. is powerful enough to keep him from doing what he needs to do. He's also a huge party dog. It seemed more like John DiMaggio was playing Bender, rather than Jake xD

Crystals Have Power

Wow, an epic Jake development episode. This episode really shows how much he cares about what his dad thinks. He almost seemed like Marceline in this episode xD He had so much self-loathing for hurting his friend that he let a past-trauma (that wasn't even in context) completely turn him off from a huge part of himself. Jake was really ignorant in this episode, too. His subconcious let's him believe something out of context just because he hates himself, he was angry with himself because he hurt Finn, but in doing so, he ended up letting Finn get hurt even more, and he let someone he love's words change his life, just because of his own actions, rather than the actions of the loved one. We also see how inspiring his dad was and I hope to see Jermaine some time again.

The Other Tarts

Jake completely enabled Finn in this episode by not thinking over what Finn planned and letting them get in massive danger. Granted, he's not one for deep thinking. He was very optimistic but I don't think he understood that PB would still be decapitated even if only 2 or 3 were gone.

To Cut a Woman's Hair

Jake profiled in this episode which is hypocritical since he told Finn that profiling is not correct. He also told his friend to marry a princess, which is understandable cause he was on the verge of death.

The Chamber of Frozen Blades

Jake was an awesome ninja and seemed to not at all care about the fact that he ruined Ice King's secret room that seemed to be special to him. Sure, Ice King was committing crimes at the time but you should punish someone based on their misdeed and he didn't know IK had stolen a princess so he could very easily be as nonchalant about destruction in anyone else's house.

Her Parents

This episode kind of showed how much Jake cares about Lady, putting his best friend/brother/one of the people he cares most about through so much pain and turmoil for the sake of her parents. He finally had enough and stopped his friend from all the pain but I hope he doesn't take Finn for granted and use him for just anything. He also seems to know about Ooo's history (or at least dog history), somewhat. I hope he shares more about it later, preferably in flashback form.

The Pods

Jake is revealed to love ice cream, be bad at math, and to be very naive and mentally overpowered by something just because it's appealing to him.

The Silent King

Jake's pretty average Jake here: Lazy. Oh, and we find out a wizard put a curse on him, though he seemed like he might have been lying because the real answer might be embarrassing.

The Real You

Here, Jake seemed distracted at times and he also helped save everyone. He seems like the kind of character who keeps things safe while the other character tries to stop the danger. More of a supporting role in this episode.

Guardians of Sunshine

Jake was irresponsible with his lives and seems a little socially inept because he couldn't really pick up on Finn's hint at first, though I'm probably reading too much into that. He was also a little greedy with the coins. I've only seen money in AT ever used for taxes or bringing souls back. I'm trying to think of other times they used money...some of the MO's were waving it in Be More.

Death in Bloom

Some would argue that this shows he shouldn't have kids but he was doing everything that would be good for a child but just happens to be bad for plants. He was also stupid about the water and risked their lives for a joke. He also knows more about PB and I would love to see some more of their interactions. Other than that, Jake was not Jake for like half of this episode.

Susan Strong

"We could rule them like gods: angry gods >:D" Wow, first glimpse of Jake's dark side there. Other than that, Jake was actually pretty wise in this episode with his advice on introducing Susan to the world and his line at the end.

Mystery Train

Jake was a really great friend, goin' so far to make Finn's birthday awesome. He also kept trying to hint at who the killer was, but Finn was too naive to see it was the conductor (dat logic). Jake also didn't plan out too well. They totally could've died.

Go With Me

Jake gave lots of stupid advice but Marceline was equally ridiculous. Anyways, Jake seems to know less about women (or at least PB) than he thinks. We also see that he can calm down with some spaghetti.

Belly of the Beast

It's weird that Jake doesn't understand what will happen at first to the bears when Finn does. I wonder if it has to do with the storyboarder of certain episodes that makes Jake so up and down. Too lazy to check xD Anyways, Finn and Jake were stupid to think they were dreaming xD

The Limit

Here, we see Jake's physical limits. We also see how much he gives into peer pressure, considering that he'll do anything if you say his name three times, and we see that he's proud of his bod and doesn't like people insulting it. Oh, and don't forget his wish on a sandwich (though it was indirect). He'd also rather have his friend have what he wants than for him to be alive. He may actually be like Finn, somewhat, but this could just be another case of flip floppin' storyboarding.

Video Makers

Jake's preference of Romantic Comedy is actually some real development. It kind of shows that he's softer and more comedic than brawny and buttkicking, like Finn. We see what he'll let come between him and his closest friend/brother but that he can be more rational when he realizes how stupid he's being.

Mortal Folly

This episode show's Jake's lust for Lady Rainicorn riding a horse and his love for spaghetti comes up again xD We see his more courageous side by going to attack the Lich, head-on.

Mortal Recoil

Love the song. Jake has some interaction with Prubs and we see that he likes her by trying to cheer her up nd that she loves his songs (or at least, he thinks so). He's more rational than Finn here, but that could just be because he saw PB light her room on fire. If he hadn't, he probably would've gotten her all that stuff, too.

Heat Signature

Jake fell for it, just like Finn. Mostly just shows Jake's idiot side. Nothin' much, really.

Conquest of Cuteness

Jake's self-conciousness showed through a little here when he was resistant to the idea of losing on purpose because he was afraid it would ruin his reputation. He was also shown to be incredibly paranoid and scared like in Evicted.

Morituri te Salutamus

Jake was shown to not follow plans and just kind of roll with the flow, which is usually a stupid and irrelevant idea.

Memory of a Memory

Uh...I dunno. He seemed to worry a lot about Marcy in the beginning which shows that he is actually close friends with her now. Other than that, he was mostly just...there. I mean, he hit a tiny guys house, if there's anything you can draw from there.


Jake seems to have an unhealty obsession with this "meatman".

Too Young

I like that Jake is really just supportive of Finn, no matter what. Here, he's helping Finn out with PB, but later he's giving him advice for Flame Princess and calling Prubs a heartless monster. I loved his little monologue at the end.

The Monster

I wonder if Jake's abilities actually allow him to gain muscle mass. I'm pretty sure they do.


Hmmmmmm...Ok so Jake got molested by Gunter which may have emotionally scarred him. We also see his saucy secret about his crush on Lady Rainicorn.

Wizard Battle

Jake was almost kind of a bully in this episode. He called Finn a dork and teased him and made fun of Abracadaniel. Other than that, nothin' much.

What Was Missing

I wonder where Jake's lust for being the jerk in the band comes from. Maybe just a love for tropes? He also goes so far into his role to make everyone angry and ruin what they're doing and we see that he keeps his old blanket around. What if the Door Lord is secretly working for Maja??? Sorry, lost my priority there.

Apple Thief

Eh, Jake tag along episode. But we see Jake's ability to sniff out ghost doodies (assuming he was attempting that ability from past experience).

I'm gonna end here for now but I will be back later so hang in there :D