Just to clear something up, this blog has nothing to do with Bacon Pancakes. It's an analysis of Jake.

Hello again! As some of you may have seen, I recently finished my episode-by-episode analysis of Finn's growth and personality development through life and heroism:

I have decided to now do an analysis of all of the main characters in the show: Finn, Jake, PB, Ice King, and Marcy. This one will be about Jake (obviously). Since each character is developed differently, Jake's analysis will revolve more around what is shown about him, how he helps Finn to grow, and his role with Finn's journey (The reason the blog is called "Jake's episode guide to Bacon Pancakes" is because I couldn't think of a proper role so I'm not gonna call it "Jake's episode guide to friend" or "Jakes episode guide to sidekicking". Perhaps I'll figure out a proper role while I analyse. He's somewhat of a mentor I guess. I think of him as gandalf). I'll update this from time to time to add more and more episodes, just as I did with the Finn analysis.

Slumber Party Panic

This is where the basis of Jake's personality is set. What sets Jake's development aside from Finn's is that Jake gets personality development and some backstory, evenly, throughout the series. We see his personality from the start but it's revealed more and more. However, Finn grows throughout the series. Sure, he has a basic personality set but it morphs and changes. So, Jake is shown to be playful, fairly nosy, and easily distracted in this episode. He wasn't in it that often and it was more of an episode to set Finn on his journey, than to showcase Jake.

Trouble in Lumpy Space

Jake is shown to be able to accept the possibility of danger more than Finn is when he decides that he could turn into a Lumpy Space person but Finn denies it. Jake seems to be loyal but his mind was overcome so it's not his fault he turned his back on Finn.


Jake seems more righteous and heroic in this episode, telling Finn to tend to the princesses, and caring less about his own well-being. He's also able to help his friend but with a sense of humor, embarrassing Finn.

Tree Trunks

Jake is shown to be able to be overcome fairly easily and to care a lot for his friends, shielding them when the signs were attacking.

The Enchiridion!

Jake seems to know a lot about heroism in this episode. He's less naive than Finn and can sometimes use logic to understand situations. He knows plenty about being righteous and I wonder how he learned so much about being a hero. He's not always moral or motivated but sometimes he can give good advice (what his character was meant to do, Bill Murray-style).

The Jiggler

In this episode, we learn that Jake tastes awesome xD We also see his understanding of things like wild animals. Jake's intelligence is odd. He sometimes has knowledge to share with Finn and is sometimes much duller than him.

Ricardio the Heart Guy

Jake knows a lot more about life and growth in this episode. He also seems to have a default assumption that people are good, until proven wrong, rather than profiling.

Business Time

This is the first episode where Jake is shown to be REALLY lazy. He'll definitely step in to save the day if he's TOLD what to do but he's not very smart and can't really think much for himself when it comes to being a hero. I would talk about how he didn't just stop himself from becoming fat but I'm pretty sure it's just a joke for the sake of the show.

I'm gonna end here for now but I will be back later so hang in there :D