I'm tired of responding to everyone with this, so I'm just putting it in a blog.

Guys, FP's personailty, which we had already seen VERY little of, completely changed in Burning low so we know almost nothing about it or what it will be. We know very little about her back story: PB got her dad to put her in a lamp. THAT'S IT! We know a large amount about her powers but there could be a ton more we haven't seen. We know that her father considers her evil and that she is "intense", according to Pendleton Ward. We know she's from the fire kingdom. DONE (unless I missed anything)! Due to this incredibly small amount that we know about her, we don't really have the right to say whether we like or dislike her unless something about this^^^ that has to do with her, displeases you. You can say that you think she has potential, which is what I think. She does have the potential to be a badass with her powers, and she does have the potential to be a great character (as does any new character. What's stopping her?) You CANNOT say that you dislike her because she is gushy with Finn. NOT HER FAULT! Finn's fault. The only girl that he probably wouldn't be mushy with, if he dated them, is Marceline. I don't think that Finn and Fp's relationship is gonna be mushy a lot, anymore because in Ignition Point, they seemed pretty chill and hung out like friends. Stop giving her so much hype; Stop giving her so much sh** (don't wanna get blocked or whatever). If you wanna hate something, you have the right to hate finn having a girlfriend or FP's fandom. Bye.

I came up with an analogy for this. It starts off as a pretty normal analogy but I got kinda stuck so it gets a little weird:

Let's say chocolate has just come out, and everyone in the world get's a chocolate bar. You know that it looks good, it's got good texture, and good potential. You get to take 4 small bites over a long period of time. The first 2, you get a feel for what it tastes like, but then all of a sudden, on the third bite, the flavor totally changes. Now you barely know what the chocolate's flavor is like at all, so you don't have any reason to hate it. You might like it because of it's looks or it's texture but you don't know enough about it's flavor. Then, the chocolate starts dating vanilla. Vanilla is really mushy with chocolate but chocolate doesn't really return the mush and mostly just acts normal around vanilla, except for chocolate acts cute around vanilla and really likes vanilla. Everyone loves that vanilla has a relationship and they suddenly start raving about chocolate, but you think vanilla is becoming soft and you hate chocolate's fandom. Does this have anything to do with chocolate? No. Chocolate is not responsible for it's fandom and Vanilla would be just as mushy even if it dated strawberry. You get what I'm saying?