I know that this has, of course benn done before but we need something like this to begin the revival of this wiki. Now, don't bring any hated characters into this blog because this is about loving characters, not hating them. The other rule is, you can't just drop a big deuce and then leave. What I mean is, don't just come in and say "Finn". Almost everyone likes Finn, why do you like him specifically? You need to explain. What makes your likes of that character unique (or not unique. Maybe you like the character for the same reasons as everyone else)? If you're too lazy to actually write a description and actually contribute, don't participate. It doesn't even have to be a long description. So anyways, talk about your favorite characters and we can discuss them. By the way, you can say that you dislike a character under someone else's response, but do not bring a hated character of yours up for no reason, do not let your dislike get out of hand, and DO NOT insult that person for their opinion. Let's get to it!