So I'm personally really looking forward to this episode for the following reasons:

1) It's an Ice King episode which is awesome cause it usually means it's gonna be pretty darn funny. Not only that but there's always the possibility of peering into his past. Sure it just looks like an island episode but Adventure Time has surprised us before. I mean Little Dude just looked like it was gonna be about Finn's hat coming to life but it was pretty crazy actually. Who knows, maybe Ice King finds himself on this island and remembers some stuff about his past (and then forgets it immediately when he gets off. We can't have them jumping the shark and it seems like something they would do if the episode is about this).

2) It's an island episode. I don't really know why but I really enjoy island episodes where a total scumbag goes to an island and finds themselves (obsoletely fabulous from futurama, anyone?). Dunno, just seems like a cool idea and Ice King might end up gettin' back to his princess nabbin' roots. Some people might not like that but I think it'll be cool if the show reverts back a little bit.

Anyways, thinkin' it might be cool. Your thoughts?