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    Note: This timeline is not done and probably inaccurate or biased in some parts. Leave some suggestions in the comments!

    1809: Abraham Lincoln is born.

    1865: Abraham Lincoln dies.

    1,000+ years before the pilot: The Great Mushroom War happens (The Great Mushroom War might have happened around the late 20th-early 21st century, most likely the late 20th (1980s-1999), because VHS is sitll around in "Video Makers".)

    Sometime after the Great Mushroom War: The Rainicorn-Dog Wars happens. (Maybe before the GMW?)

    1,000 years before the pilot: Marceline is born.

    500 years before the pilot: Old Lady Princess is born.

    18 years before the pilot: Princess Bubblegum is born

    15 years before the pilot: Lumpy Space Princess is born.

    13 years before the pilot: Finn i…

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