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If It Began Like Gumball (Season 1)

Do you know the next popular show on Cartoon Network The Amazing World Of Gumball well every episode begins with the well if they did it on Adventure Time this show I think these would be the episode names if you disagree please say it in the comments NOTE some of these episodes are not in order.

Slumber Party Panic/The Promise

Trouble in Lumpy Space/The Lumps

Prisoners of Love/The Princesses

Tree Trunks (episode)/The Elephant

The Enchiridion! (episode)/The Enchiridion

The Jiggler/The Jiggler

Ricardio the Heart Guy/The Heart

Business Time/The Workers

My Two Favorite People/The Friends

Memories of Boom Boom Mountain/The Problems

Wizard (episode)/The Wizard

Evicted!/ The Vampire

City of Thieves (episode)/The Flowers

The Witch's Garden (episode)/The Donuts

What is Life?/The Robot

Ocean of Fear/The Ocean

When Wedding Bells Thaw/The Wedding

Dungeon (episode)/The Dungeon

The Duke/The Duke

Freak City (episode)/The Foot

Donny (episode)/The Oger

Henchman/The Henchman

Rainy Day Daydream/The Knifes

What Have You Done?/The Reason

His Hero/The Hero

Gut Grinder/The Gold

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