Do you know the next popular show on Cartoon Network The Amazing World Of Gumball well every episode begins with the well if they did it on Adventure Time this show I think these would be the episode names if you disagree please say it in the comments NOTE some of these episodes are not in order.

Slumber Party Panic/The Promise

Trouble in Lumpy Space/The Lumps

Prisoners of Love/The Princesses

Tree Trunks (episode)/The Elephant

The Enchiridion! (episode)/The Enchiridion

The Jiggler/The Jiggler

Ricardio the Heart Guy/The Heart

Business Time/The Workers

My Two Favorite People/The Friends

Memories of Boom Boom Mountain/The Problems

Wizard (episode)/The Wizard

Evicted!/ The Vampire

City of Thieves (episode)/The Flowers

The Witch's Garden (episode)/The Donuts

What is Life?/The Robot

Ocean of Fear/The Ocean

When Wedding Bells Thaw/The Wedding

Dungeon (episode)/The Dungeon

The Duke/The Duke

Freak City (episode)/The Foot

Donny (episode)/The Oger

Henchman/The Henchman

Rainy Day Daydream/The Knifes

What Have You Done?/The Reason

His Hero/The Hero

Gut Grinder/The Gold