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    The cast and crew of Adventure Time was at New York Comic-Con to give fans a sneak peek of the first two episodes of Stakes and do some interviews. See what Jeremy Shada (Finn), Olivia Olson (Marceline), Adam Muto (Executive Producer), Niki Yang (BMO), and Rebecca Sugar (lyricist/composer) had to say about the upcoming season, weird ships, and comic artist influences.

    Q: You're the voice of Finn, do an incredible job. Who would you say is Finn's favorite MC or rapper?

    JS: In real life or in Ooo?

    Q: Let's go with real life.

    OO: He'd go old school, don't you think?
    JS: I don't Finn listens to a whole lot of modern rap. I think Finn's favorite rapper would be like MC Hammer. Put that out there.

    Q: Perfect. Elaborate a little bit.

    JS: When it comes to …

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