Stardate: 10/8/2014

A couple of chat news that I wanted to discuss. Even comes with a dumb joke I've made on the spot about it. {Warning, if one is annoyed b-} no need for the warning. When I make jokes, you know its going to be just awful and not well thought out.

Chat Activity

If you are a typical chat goer and you come often, you know this has been a thing. Ever since Wikia and it's dumb glitches came around, they have made chat a living {EXPUNGED}. Well not 24/7, but pretty much at wrong times. It's annoying to me as well. Sometimes I type something and enter it, and I refreshed only to have said it in the wrong conversation. That isn't all. Sometimes chat becomes a ghost town, and nobody is there. But at least trolls won't have anything or anyone to target {well if they do it in an empty chat they have proved themselves to having no friends}. Additionally, chat glitches have made people not come back because they think the chat isn't talking. That is all for the section.

Nomination for IB

If you know IB, {check Giaria's initials blog if you don't know who they are}, you know he is becoming a mod. I'm glad for them. I'd like to thank the chat for this wise decision, because the more mods, the better! The only thing that they brainwashed into my head that annoys me is the fact that only a certain number of mods can mod. That's okay, I mean why have every user a mod anyways? Just dumb. But there has to be a lot to cover times. I've heard word that ITz wants to be mod, and I totally agree with that. I mean, she is here a lot, and I'd appreciate it if we all had enough mods to keep this a safe chat, and more mods should do that just fine. That concludes this blog post entry.

The Joke

Warning: Some jokes I make are for the sake of comedy.

This chat must have ebola, because it's slowly dying.

... Okay, I know that was a bit... contreversial, but don't get me wrong here. I really do respect the man that died in the apartment from the disease. That disease will not strive for long with all the technology we have in this world. It's amazing how far we've came in that sense. End of blog post...

Elebizzy gettin honey like it's money, sonny! 10:06 PM, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

One last thing to note, this is not at all to complain.