Alright, I posted another Creepypasta blog that mentioned this creepypasta at the end, and the reception was... nothing, really. And that was just, like, two days ago to be honest so this might be a little too soon to make another one, but I was bored.

I'm not even going through the crap backstory and wraparounds, last time it kind of killed the review with it's stupidity (Not that "Catherine! Catherine!" wasn't stupid).

The cliches start soon enough already, with Finn and Jake immediately seeing some dragon biting Peppermint Butler's head off and thus squirting blood all over. Real subtle, buddy. The dragon flies away, probably going off to star in the next Sonic.EXE story. The two then saw all the candy people, either dead or sitting straight up and spewing guts and blood all over smiling. Cinnamon Bun suddenly just randomly grabbed Finn. Weird.

Jake then suddenly turned brown and collapsed to the ground. Geez, racist much? Finn continued on without batting an eye. BECAUSE THAT'S THE HERO WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE! He suddenly saw PB, who said "Finn, thanks for coming! All my citezens turned into zombies again!"

There's another cliche, too. The author could barely make out what PB was saying because... plush dolls? Haunted N64 cartridges? Blood? No, distorted audio, silly! You know what, let's do a drinking game. Take a shot every time there's something cliche. I AM NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU SUFFER FROM A LIVER FAILURE

Finn asks if she can help Jake, and then random crap goes down. This is not changed in any way at all, so just read this in all it's glory.

"Finn, we can't help the people in Japan, can we?" Finn stepped closer.

"Japan? What's--"

Suddenly, the throne jolted around to display a green Princess Bubblegum with half of her body missing. All that was left was bones. She leaped at Finn, biting his head off gruesomely. Blood spatters out as Finn falls down, dead.


Yeah, the previously mentioned Down With the Sickness starts playing as the zombies throw Finn and Jake's bodies off a cliff and then they turn to normal.


And then they get sucked into giant piles of leeches.


And then text saying that the episode was banned for being too gory and violent.

WHAAAAAA--- oh, wait, that makes sense.

Oh, God, and this twist ending, I have to tell you it. The viewer goes back to sleep and when they wake up, their mother tells them it's time for the first day back at elementary school.




So... the episode was a time machine or something? Or was it just coincidentally the day before some kid went to elementary school? Is the twist that the episode scarred a little kid for life? That makes sense that it'd do that but it's not a twist!

Okay, okay, fine.... it's time for the final judgement.

THE GOOD - It made sense their was something saying the episode was banned or whatever, most creepypastas don't even bother to put that in.

THE BAD - Seriously? You're seriously asking me this? For starters the title makes no sense, might as well call it Theodore Rex Chapter II: Electric Boogaloo!

THE CLICHE - Excessive blood and gore, crappy "twist" ending, distorted audio automatically meaning Satanism

Now I suppose last time I left a teaser for this one, but I can't do that now, my friend E-mailed me a link to Jeremy Shada's blog. Apparently it says something about a serial killer who dresses as Finn. See ya later, I guess.