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Crappy Fanfic Saga Adventures UNITE OR WHATEVER - Episode 2

EM, Jake, and Penny (no, not that Penny...) were running from the scene of some explosion or whatever.

PENNY: What's going on?

EM: Um, well, I got a dog. Then I got mugged. Then the dog saved me.

JAKE: Come on, guys, I'll introduce you to my peeps.

At an abandoned factory....

JAKE: This is where we usually hang out.

EM: Makes sense...

PRINCES BUBBLEGUM: Welcome, ElectricMayhem.

JAKE: Uh, EM, Penny, these are meh peeps. Princess Bubblegum's da leader. Marshal Lee's that guy nobody likes.


JAKE: Well, it's TRUE! Oh, yeah, and the others are Flame Princess, the one girl everybody likes//hates... it's complicated... and Pen.

PEN: I should be the star of this cartoon! BUT, NOOOO!

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: The Lich wants to kill you, so it's up to us to protect you.

EM: Why does EVERYONE want to kill me? There's fricking Bane, that one guy, and... oh, wait, she didn't try killing me... you get the point.

FLAME PRINCESS: Anyway, I gotta go, I'm late for my date with F---

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: No, you need to stay! If you don't get enough screen time the fans will freak out!


EM: Cool beans. So, uh, what do we do now?

MARSHALL LEE: Watch Bad Little Boy!

JAKE: Uh.. no.



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