When life gives you creeepypasta, don't dignify that crap by actually reading it! Make life take the creepypasta back!

Oh, Doug Rattmann Mr. Johnson, I should've listened to your advice...

Creepypasta is stupid. That's how I want to start this. I don't like it, it's stupid. Sure, some I'll admit are good, but it's all the made-up-as-the-author-goes-along Creepypasta wiki kind of repetive, excessive crap. That stuff's stupid. The scariest thing of creepypasta is how bad some of it is. The only Creepypastas I actually like are the original ones that people put EFFORT into, like Slenderman, Candle Cove, or Ben Drowned. Sure, there is a lot of Creepypastas like that now, but when these stories were first made they were original. Now, everybody's copying it (Jeff the Killer, Lost Episodes, Sonic.EXE, you name it).

Now, let's take a look at the mentioned Lost Episode kind. It's spammed all over the Creepypasta wiki, and they all have to do with the author either finding a haunted tape of it or finding a haunted TV station or some crap. They all include hyper-realistic blood, suicide, and stuff that, to be honest, would never get put in a show, even if the censors don't allow it, what cartoon show writer would be like "oh, hey, let's put excessive blood and gore in this week's Phineas and Ferb, just for fun!"


So here it is, the Adventure Time Lost Episode, "Catherine! Catherine!"

Basically, the author is scared of Invader Zim or something and his/her (I don't really care) brother teases them because of it. But can you really blame him?

Cut to when the author is 13 (I don't know how big of a time jump this is, but you'd have to be really young to be scared of Invader Zim), and they love Adventure Time. Well, they see an episode (Cursed tape? Cursed DVD? Bought it from an old disappearing shopkeeper guy? As long as they don't feed it after midnight I really don't care) where Finn is crying and looking at a picture of.... wait for it....


Nothing's scarier than fan-fics, huh?

Basically, Jake is mad at Finn (for being such a crybaby?), who begins crying blood. That's it, I let you slide with the fan-fic, but this is just getting cliche. It pans over to PB and she's all bloody and scarred. She starts shrieking and going nuts and then comes out of the TV as a plush doll and puts a curse on the author. Maybe that last part didn't happen. I don't know. But PB was bloody, and she did shriek. Then Finn ran up and slapped her, knocking her unconscious.

Wow, not only is it a cliche fan-fic, it's a cliche fan-fic written by a Finn x FP shipper!

Then Finn and Jake begin discussing where to dump the body (Who are these guys, members of Fat Tony's gang or something?)

Then the two murderers begin saying the author's name. Oh my God, it is a fricking fan-fic! Next Marceline and PB are gonna start kissing up a storm! Eh, it's over (Fortunately), and Catherine (that's her name, I guess), goes to bed. Apparently she had a tumor removed, too, or some crap. Then she says "I would still watch it, even if it kills me!"


Now for the final part, the good, the bad, and the cliche.

GOOD - It was short, I guess.

BAD - All of it.

CLICHE - Excessive blood, episode interacting with author, crappy attempt at twist ending.

See you next time, I guess. I have a mysterious VHS tape I need to watch sent to me in the mail by some random guy I barely know. That's strange... the label on it says "Adventure Time: Socrates' Wish"... eh.