Now, this is just my opinion, so please don't start arguments over this.

  • A pregenant rainicorn is tied in a knot by a creepy heart-man thingy.
  • Ricardio's home-made body thing looks disturbing to me.
  • Ricardio's creepy body thing is made out of Ice King's flesh and bones.
  • Lady is tied in a knot, and then when the pups are born one is disformed. I know that Jake Jr.'s face has nothing to do with Ricardio, but it's still just.... just creepy.
  • PB rips Ricardio's weird body thing limb from limb pretty much.
  • Finn and Jake are poisoned (well, it's not exactly that creepy)

I've seen lots of blogs like this that end up causing big arguments, so please don't get upset or anything with my reasons. It's just my opinion.