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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is wizard,nerd,wiz kid,minecraft addict,fanfic writer,
  • I am an apprentice wizard
  • Elemental wiz

    Our previous installment stopped when Mini and Me were attempting to breed sheep.But little do the users know,that a single user that was new,will turn the tide not just virtually,but personally as well.

    (NOTE: FTHg was not put here because she got offline sometime after UIG Minecraft 2)


    Mini:I'll get some wheat in my house k?


     *Mini goes to his house*

    (TWB has entered)


    E_Wiz: oh, i better go to you,where are you right now?

    TBW: i think a snow biome

    E_Wiz(mind):man that's a bit far

    WP:I'll go 


     *E_Wiz goes to house to get some wheat*

     *WP goes to get a sword and 3 64's torches* 

    WP(irl):Just in case i get lost and it becomes night

    While going to the…

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  • Elemental wiz

    Remember to leave a comment!

    Users-In-Games:Minecraft(prt 2)

    In our previous installment, the users were going to make iron and snow golems,here it is.


    E_wiz:Making snow and iron golems are pretty easy.All you need is snow/iron blocks and pumpkins.

    Mini: Now to make iron golems you need 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin.Stack the iron blocks

    into a T-block from tetris and put the pumpkin on,*does everything* and viola! The same proscess w/ snow golems.


    Chilled:Let's make some more,E_Wiz, how many iron u got? 

    E_Wiz:5 64's


    Mini:3 64's

    FTHG:What do you guys mean?

    WP:They mean the number of bricks,oh and i have 3 64's pumpkins, i had to use a calculator XP …

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  • Elemental wiz

    5th game

    May 4, 2013 by Elemental wiz

    I know what to make the 5th game of Users-In-Games:CARD WARS!!cOne of the users will have to be the referee so...

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  • Elemental wiz


    May 4, 2013 by Elemental wiz


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  • Elemental wiz

    -try visualizing this for more effect-

    NOTE TO NON-MINECRAFT PLAYER:Minecraft has a built in chat (almost every multiplayer has one) Also note:THIS IS BY NO MEANS PERSONAL AND MAINLY FICTIONAL











    (This part is where we are talking in mics from headsets)

    E_Wiz:K, is everyone logged in?



    SD:Logged MIni:logged .........

    E_Wiz:I guess WP isn't yet.

    -5 mins later-


    E_Wiz:Okay, remember, FTHG is the our newbie,so we're going to teach her


    __________________________________________GAME LOADED______________________________________ E_Wiz: Now, F…

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