Heart of a Rocker:


Marceline The Vampire Queen of Ooo The Admirer Finn and Jake ______________________________________________________________________________________________

It first started when Marceline was playing her Axe-bass,she then heard a knock from the door,she went to see,but she saw no one,then she look down,she saw flowers,banana candy,Simon from "To cut a woman's hair",and Two tickets for the drive in cinema.After that,Simon played a romantic tune on his violin.She blushed,but sad,because she didn't know who gave the presents,and when she opened the banana candy box,she saw the thing that made her jump(or rather fly) with joy,HAMBO!

She took them all,except Simon.Then,a shadow moved in the darkness,giggling.The scene moved to F'n'J's house.A knock was heard on the door.

Jake:I'll get it.


Then,a person,looked staringly @ Jake.

Jake:Um,hello,who are you?

Admirer:Oh my name is Henry.

Jake:O.K,you're welcome to come in

Finn:Who is that?

Jake:He said his name is Henry.

Henry:Actually,i thought you guys can tell me some info about ur freind,Marceline.

Finn and Jake:WHAAAAAAAAAT?!

Henry:You see,i have a crush on her,and,i really want her to be my girlfriend.

Finn:Okay,i'll tell you some dati--

Jake:Whoa-whoa-whoa,I'm teh expert here mister.


Jake:First of all you--

Finn:Maybe some info about Marcy first.

Jake:Oh yeah.

Finn:First of all,she already had an ex-boyfriend named Ash.She's also a radical dame,who like to play games.One of the things she likes,is music,watch out for her Axe-Bass.Her father is the leader of the Nightosphere--

Jake:I think you said enough.

Disclamer(Me):I forgot to tell you,Henry is a wizard,part-time nerd,and has,red hair,blue jeans,a shirt w/ H within an atom,and pale skin.

Will Henry succesfully get this "sexy-vampire lady"? Wait until prt 2!