As continued from PRT 1,Henry took advice from Finn and Jake 'bout Marceline.When he heard all he needed and wanted.He decided to try to date Marceline,but with the escortment of F'n'J.

Henry:Are you guys sure she's gonna like these roses?

Finn:Of course.

Jake:She loves shades of red.


When they arrived @ Marceline's house,Marceline was practicing w/ her Axe-bass.

Marceline:Hey guys.Whoa,who's your friend here?

Jake and Finn:Henry

Henry:Here*gives roses* for you.

Marceline:Thanks*sucks red shade* I was hungry.

Finn and Jake laugh

Henry:So,you wanna go to the movies tonight?

Marceline:Sure,but i only got 2 tickets.

Finn:It's okay for us not to g


Marceline:Okay then.

Will this nerd wizard successfully date this rocking vampire queen? wait for PRT 3