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Heart of a Rocker (PRT 3)

As said from last time of our story,Marceline and Henry went on a date w/o Marceline knowing it!

|Drive-In Cinema|

Henry:You okay?


|In the bushes|

Finn and Jake hide

Finn:You think this'll work?

Jake:Course man!

Henry is sweating like crazy,while Marceline enjoys the movie which is Heat Signature 4

~Finn on the radio~

Finn: Keep your cool man!

~Henry from a radio in his shirt close to his mouth~


Henry suddenly stops sweating when Marceline rests her head on his shoulder.


~Henry's radio~

Henry:What do i do now?

`Finn's radio~

Finn:Just keep your cool.


Marceline:*yawns* How long was i out?

Jake:`'shout' Not Long!

Marceline:Wait,was that Jake's voice?


Marceline observes Henry closely and suddenly saw one part of his shirt shaking.

She looked and saw a radio.

She went to the bushes and found Finn and Jake

Henry:Wait,i can explain!

Marceline:You were trying to date me *cries and flies to her house*

Henry,Jake,and Finn altogether:Now what?

Disclaimer:Wait 4 PRT for! whoop,reverse 4 and for

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