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Status Update 3

Hey guys,if i scared you in my last status update,im sorry.

But on the bright side i'm proved to last 1 week w/ chatting(@ the A.T chat)

But it sucks when i found the very place where i can RP all i want they tell me im too young,but,one of the Mods(Admins) told me yo just do an edit to the wiki,and guess what? 3 badges! ~Rigby's Voice~ OHHHHHHHHHH! BTW,the wiki is Gravity Falls(just west of weird)that's all for this update

Water prince:you forgot to tell them.

Me:Tell what? OH yeah,im going to be a different Elemental prince from the beginning of my chat ban's end!Not a roleplayer,but a *adjusts glasses,grabs books and sits* a quizmaster,i can still remember the summer of April 2012

~Gumball's voice~NO CARES ABOUT THE SUMMER OF 2012!

I may be banned,but i leave this one message,the first one to crack it,i owe you 1 solid(except BLugo,because there is a 50% chance he'll make me kill my self) but this is how it works:




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