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Users-In-Games:Minecraft (prt 3)

Our previous installment stopped when Mini and Me were attempting to breed sheep.But little do the users know,that a single user that was new,will turn the tide not just virtually,but personally as well.

(NOTE: FTHg was not put here because she got offline sometime after UIG Minecraft 2)


Mini:I'll get some wheat in my house k?


 *Mini goes to his house*

(TWB has entered)


E_Wiz: oh, i better go to you,where are you right now?

TBW: i think a snow biome

E_Wiz(mind):man that's a bit far

WP:I'll go 


 *E_Wiz goes to house to get some wheat*

 *WP goes to get a sword and 3 64's torches* 

WP(irl):Just in case i get lost and it becomes night

While going to the snow biome,WP places the torches


Mini: you ready?


 *Both go running to get sheep back to the pens (now w/ a 4x4 holes and a ladder)*

-5 minutes later-

Mini:I can't believe the other sheep fell and only saved like,6.

E_Wiz:Let's just breed them.


-Back to WP-

WP:There you are


WP:Just follow me K?


As they go back WP fought 5 zombies,1 creeper,and escaped 3 skeletons

WP: just climb a ladder

 *TWB randomly chose MY ladder*

WP:When you climb up top,just pick a bed,one is occupied.

 *goes to find my room and goes to bed*

E_Wiz:Whoa who is this? Someone is in my bed.

WP:That's the new user

E_Wiz:O_o Oo_oO o_O

Mini:TWB: do you know how to play?

TWB:yeah,Hey E_Wiz, you have a pretty nice house, looks awesome


  • TWB uses whisper, or PM on me*

TWB: you know, you shouldn't be so close to SD, i once played with him,he blew up my house, you should do it before he does


TWB: do it before she does! You'll regret it

 *Me,believing it,went to my crafting table and chest to make 5 tnt and a lever*

Little do i know..that TWB is the scourge of A.T wikia...guess who?:Wikiboy

 *TWB goes to WP's house*

TWB:hey,thanks for saving me

WP:no prob

-in Pm w/ WP-

TWB:did you know that,Mini used to destroy and ruin my house?

WP:What? no,he never did it to us b4

TWB:that's his strategy

 *WP goes to her crafting table and makes some TNT*

(SD_501 has entered)

CHilled:Sup SD?

SD:Fine,i see we have a new user!

 *TWB uses PM to SD*

TWB:You know,E_Wiz is planning all this time to blow ur house up.


TWB:Yeah,i saw him make some TNT

 *SD goes to my house and see me in the crafting table*


 *puts TNT in invenotry*

SD:wat are you doing?


 *SD puts in PM*

SD:Thw new user told me you were planning to blow my house up

E_Wiz:HE told me you do the same to my house!

SD:Wait, he must've tricked us!!

E_Wiz:I hoped he did trick the others as well!

-back to WP-


 *WP goes to Mini's house and sets up tnt*

WP: this,will be fun.


WP:What0 *destroys TNT*

E_Wiz:It's true, HE told me Sd was going to destroy my house

SD:And he also told ME E_Wiz was going to blow up my house

WP:I ALMOST blew up Mini's house!

Mini:Time to put an end to this


 *TWB escaped the house @ nighttime*

Mini:Get your weapons,wood and materials,were going hunting.


What will happen to TWB? and Who will be unfortunate and be

sacrificed? wait for Prt 4(Minecraft FINALE)

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