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Users-In-Games: Minecraft prt 2

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Users-In-Games:Minecraft(prt 2)

In our previous installment, the users were going to make iron and snow golems,here it is.


E_wiz:Making snow and iron golems are pretty easy.All you need is snow/iron blocks and pumpkins.

Mini: Now to make iron golems you need 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin.Stack the iron blocks

into a T-block from tetris and put the pumpkin on,*does everything* and viola! The same proscess w/ snow golems.
Iron golem(UIG MC2)
Snow golem (UIG MC2)


Chilled:Let's make some more,E_Wiz, how many iron u got? 

E_Wiz:5 64's


Mini:3 64's

FTHG:What do you guys mean?

WP:They mean the number of bricks,oh and i have 3 64's pumpkins, i had to use a calculator XP

SD:Hey guys,i gotta log out, bye.









(SD_501 has logged out)

-10 mins later- 

E_Wiz:Now we got all the protection we need!

*Monster suddenly spawn*

E_Wiz:Just in time too,every one,go up, quick! 

*everyone goes to ladders but Chilled dosen't go to his i time.*


Mini:*goes down* luckily i always bring a sword

*atacks monsters and and let's CHilled up his ladder**Mini goes up ladder w/ arrows in his body*

FTHG:Mini, you're body! 

Mini:Don't worry, it wears off,let's go to sleep.

*everyone goes to their houses and goes to sleep,except Mini*

-Mini's house-

Mini:I need to get these arrows of my body.*goes to chest and get's bow**shoots on wall* there

-3 mins later-

-My house-

(E_Wiz IRL)

Song(in tunes of bacon pancakes):Making buildings,makin-makin buildings put some blocks together and to make buildings.

That's what it's gonna make makin' bulidings....(thought)Hm...this should do for my sheep.(chat)

E_Wiz:Mini,come here


*goes to my house*

E_Wiz:Are these houses okay?


E_Wiz:Now, help me breed them



Mini:Im going to make a toilet


Mini:this time it will work

FTHG:What does he by this time?

CHilled: He tried to make a toilet a number of times already,but failed.

E_Wiz:Let's go sleep

*everyone goes to sleep*

-2 mins later-

Mini gets some wheat to help attract the sheep and breed them.




What happened next? and will one of them die? Tune in

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