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    Well hey guys. I was looking on the Season 5 category. I looked over to Simon and Marcy and saw on the trivia this is the last episode Rebecca Sugar is gonna work on AT before she leaves to create Steven Universe. I'm pretty sad. It will not be the same without her. With her inspiring stories.

    I think she had mostly done on Marceline. Like her songs, episodes and backstories. I'm pretty sure Steven Universe is gonna be math but AT will not be the same. But at least there are new storyboarders who will take her place. 

    Explain in the comments below.

    Also here are some questions if you wanna answer.

    1. Will you miss Rebecca Sugar?

    2. Will you be watching Steven Universe?

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    Yellow - Ember Princess

    Red - Redzephyr01

    Sapphire - Superxgame

    Ruby - Blugo34

    Ummm I don't really know what to do here. I'm just askin' if you know the manga Pokemon Adventures.

    And the characters. If you know the characters try to be one here. If you want to be a char. ask in the comments. But please remember only the people not the pokemon. (Because there already is a Pokemon for AT Wiki)

    Misty Brock Erika and other gym leaders are not available. They are taken.

    Sapphire Gold Platina look like Dawn May and etc.. but maybe they are still available.

    Ask in the comments and I'll put you up.

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    Well first of all this is a question blog ? if ya now an answer put it on the comments and make sure no bad attitude.

    Now that Princess Bubblegum said Flame Princess is stabelized, will FP's matrix handle like Finn's romance??

    Well this is kinda common but when will AT end? I'm worried I love AT so much I cannot miss a chance of losing it.

    Do you agree if only Flambo's flame shield were Finn's colors and so he looks perfect and can gently touch FP without burning?

    I have Minecraft Texture pack and I can't find any 1.4.5 textures of A.T. and the texture I downloaded is outdated anyone know a AT texture which is 1.4.5?

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    September 17, 2012 by Ember Princess

    Since I know a lot of people in AT wiki that play Minecraft I wanna know some stuff about it like strategies and some techniques to kill creepers and endermen! You can also share your server number so AT fans can play with you. And are you making some maps!

    Ember out!

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    Here are me and Purple's drawing! She's my classmate and often calls me twin cause we

    do things at the same time and have similarities. Okay so since we have this blog we also can make you request some stuff and drawings I can use paintbrush and sketch but no scanner.


    1. You can request us drawings in paint or in sketch without scanner or short (sketch), just tell us in the comments.

    2. No hurtful comments.

    3. The sketch and paint comes in really fast.

    4. ENJOY!

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