Greetings adventurers, to the Adventure Time role-play!

From this point, your character can embrace these adventuring days on 8 weeks. Make sure you get whatever you need before going!

My name is Energy X and I will be your host to the role play. For any questions about the role-play you can ask me on my talk page.

Now, to the character creation!


You can pick any of the main characters "models". That is, you can pick any of these characters under a different name, gender (mark M for male and F for female) and different background.

(Note: robots are genderless, so put it as N/A, but you can still treat it as male or female in background.)

Then, you get 45 points. You have to put the points into the following stats.

  • Strength: you can carry more weight and deal more damage.
  • Dexterity: the character is dealt less physical damage.
  • Vitality: the person is bound to be more tough and resists some poisons/diseases.
  • Intellect: people can be persuaded for better prices and the character is dealt less non-physical damage.
  • Fate: you encounter better items then most people would.

NOTE: you can put max. 15 points in the stat.


The list or rules can be found here. It is highly advised that you read them before the next week. (Not done yet, just wait for a bit.)


  • Insulting someone else (or his/her character) will make you disqualified.
  • 10 contestants will be chosen in the role play.
  • Only logged-in users can participate.
  • The original idea was from Nukapedia.
  • For any other questions you can contact me on my talk page.