These are rules. Breaking a rule will get you disqualified.


Characters can be named whatever you want and whatever gender you can like. When it is created, distribute 45 points into the character's stats.

Strength: The character is physically stronger (15 per point) can deal more damage (2.5 per point). Advised for Finn/Jake-themed characters.
Dexterity: The character is more elusive and can resist some physical damage (2% per point). Advised for Marceline/Lady Rainicorn-themed characters.
Vitality: The character has more hit points (20 per point) and can resist most diseases and poisons (4% chance per point). Recommended for all characters).
Intellect: The character has lingual skills so he can barter for items (3% discout per point). Also, his knowledge of magic can boost his magical resistances. Advised for Princess Bubblegum/Ice King-themed characters.
Fate: the character has been touched by Lady Luck herself, so the benefit is that he/she may get better items and more gold when encountering. Recommended for BMO/LSP-themed characters.



The player's character can fight monsters (write Fight (enemy name)), search the location, trade (if option is given) or skip the event. The event can be skipped once per 3 weeks.

If the player does not make an action, his/her character will be assumed to act to skip the event.

Good or bad?

Once per week you might get an option to do a heroic or a villanious deed. Each action provides 1 point. All characters begin with 0 points and at the end of the role play can get a title. A heroic deed provides +1 point while a villanious deed provides a -1 point.


If a character has his hit points 0, he is pronounced dead and cannot play anymore.


The following items will be categorised under armor, weapons, misc. and healing items.