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Made-Up Characters!

EonDevilxj October 20, 2012 User blog:EonDevilxj

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on for a while!

Made-Up Characters

Who wants to see me draw my own made-up characters? Probably no one! Well I'll post my creations here... Some might be edits of REAL characters...

Name of Picture Requester Picture
Evil Finn The one true evil
Evil Finn by EonDevilxj

Edited Picture from "Beautopia"

Hypnotized Jake ATMASTER
Hypnotized Jake
FP dressed as Finn Shojo-chan Cat
FP Dressed up as Finn

Edited Picture from Original Character Art

LR and Jake's Kids Sumer-sprkl
Beemo & NEPTR Crossover SuprSilver
Gunter apart of Kitten Happy Smoothie
Gunter Fused With Kitten

Edited Picture from Original Character Art

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