WARNING! If you are an Anti-Smokybear person, then leave the page. I don’t want any problems, but I accept any opinions.

This episode has lead up to a dead end, from my perspective. You know, I thought we were going somewhere with the Lich being alive, but that ended. It goes the same for his arm. I thought he was going to get a robot arm just like his Farmworld wish. They said it was going to be permanent, but was it all a JOKE?! I mean, I’m glad he got his arm back, seriously, NO JOKE! I’m happy for him, but what I’m dissapointed is his action of going around kissing other princesses just to get rid of the darkness inside him. But that didn’t work. It was ruthless. I never expected him to do something like that. I thought it was just for one princess, but that went around. As for Breezy, I thought she was funny. All she wanted was his flower and she got it. Right now, not that many people suggested them as an OTP, but I don’t feel right about that. If I wanted Finn to be with another, even though I still prefer Flame Princess, it has to be someone who we develop with. For instance, In that new episode of Regular Show when Mordecai dated CJ after Margret left, I would believe they could work because they develop an awesome relation in 4 or 5 episodes ago. JUST LIKE FINN & FLAME PRINCESS!!! They’ve been hagging out and they had fun with each other. Right now, Finn needs help. He needs to learn what’s right. I think he should go back with Flame Princess since that was his true love. I know they have something special when I see them both together. She could be the one that light his darkness. That makes sense, right?!

I  can tell right now you might be diagreeing with me, but it’s my opinion. Everyone has an opinion for everything. This show is random. Anything can happen in Adventure Time!

To be honest, I see this show as an anime more than a cartoon, even though they’re both the same. Japan makes wonderful anime that makes me want to be in it. Adventure Time is somewhat like that.

Right now, I want to know what is the Adventure Time crew is up to with the story. Sooner or later, we probably gonna see Betty soon. I miss her already


Oh, and the thing with LSP and Finn in that episode………..

SHE DIDN’T DO IT WITH HIM!!! Alright! The show may be for teens and kids as well, but let’s be reasonable about this, okay?

As for saying that Finn using people for his advantage, DON’T! He’s just blind. Finn really wants to apologies to her. she should’ve given him a chance. A REAL CHANCE!!

That’s all I have to say. Think about it! EpicMan Out!!