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  • EvergreenFir

    This video is an excellent illustration of gender fluidity, queering, and a decent explanation of the waves of feminism. Check it out.

    I'll gladly answer questions about gender or feminism(s) if you are unclear a to what the video means.

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  • EvergreenFir

    The loss of Rebecca Sugar will be the end of this show. Every good episode seems to have been directed by her. Prepare of an episodic, action-only, series with minimal character development and a lack of feels episodes.

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  • EvergreenFir

    Told you!

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  • EvergreenFir

    I have been noticing a lot of homophobia, heterosexism, and heteronormativity recently on this wiki (hover over words for definitions).

    I would like to particularly address one refrain I've heard: LGBTQ characters shouldn't be in children's shows. This idea is particularly pernicious because it assumes that exposure to LGBTQ characters will turn them non-heterosexual or corrupt them in some other manner.

    I have heard the argument that sexuality should not be in children's shows. Such statements are examples of heterosexual privilege, specifically the invisibility of all the heterosexual relationships in the series. There is tons of (hetero)sexuality in Adventure Time already. Some examples:

    1. Finn and Flame Princess
    2. Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig
    3. Princess B…
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  • EvergreenFir

    Based on appearance, voice, and personality, who do you think is the hottest, sexiest, or most attractive male character in Adventure Time?

    I bet this won't get nearly the same attention as The Hottest Female version.

    In my opinion, it's either Marshall Lee or Party Pat

    Let's hear some opinions!

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