Hello. This is Everybody_loves_Adventure_Time and recently I've been seeing a lot of you fighting cyberwars on various blogs. It makes me super duper sad to see users fighting, cussing, calling everyobe names and insulting each other JUST BECAUSE OF A STUPID REASON. Like for example, Fubblegum fans are going against Finname fans. Or those PB haters would post "PB is a jerk" everywhere they could. I mean, what IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! If you don't have anything nice to say, do NOT say anything at all. And for those who just mess with people because they couldn't find another purpose for life, justr SHUT YOUR TRAP okay? And please, this is a KID'S show. Stop posting tier fifteen junk and those things like "If Finn has 'it' with FP his _ might burn off!"! THEY ARE FOURTEEN! MY GAWD YOU PEOPLE! THIS IS A KID'S SHOW. No need to make the rating go up to M or SPG.

It makes me sad. Please don't fight.

"Maybe to be a genuine band we need to be nicer to each other and hang out as buds."