Everyone has that one character that they just genuinely don't like, and I get that, but sometimes, you may just not understand them. For example, mine used to be Flame Princess, but then I decided to take a look at things from a different perspective. She's a troubled teenage girl with extreme anger issues, and is confused by whether or not she is evil. That's a little too much pressure for someone with a temper that high. Now I understand why she is always burning and destroying, it's like a way of coping with all this pressure and anger. She's constantly being told by her dad that she's evil, but Finn always tell her that she's good. She seems to question some of her actions when she's around Finn, asking if its because she's 'evil'. I can see how tough that may be, coming from probably the two most important people in her life.

I especially disliked her in "Hot to the Touch", when she burned down the kingdom and she wasn't blamed at all. But now I understand that it was her way of coping with being tricked into falling in love then him saying he doesn't like her, which must've hurt really bad.

So, if you've ever changed your opinion about a character you don't like, or if you want to look deeper into one that you like the least, leave a comment brobamas.