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hai guise I made a new blog yaaaay

Ok, I screwed up. I'm a human being (mostly). I'm flawed. We all are. So I have a new idea for this highly opinionated blog. I have a new idea.

A. Enjoy Adventure Time

B. We should just take Everythingburrito, and push her somewhere else!

I go with A., and partially B. We should just enjoy the show. Isn't it what we all came here for? "Lol no I came here to trololololo" Today I learned that Everythingburrito should never be taken seriously, and neither should any fictional thing. Wait. "EB, shut up. No one cares about what you have to say" Actually, some peopl- "No, they don't" Then why are they all hating me? They had to care about what I said, at least a little. "Listen, nobody does. Just GTFO of the Internet. K. Well, before I fall to my doom, remember this, there was a secret trollface hidden in the top left corner of the blog the whole time. "Okay, now you're really stupid. STFU burrito" Did I really just have a conversation with myself. "Yes you did, idiot."

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