The idea that Fionna and Cake might be able to be bought to Ooo is something had always been making me toss and turn during the night but I believe that it is something’s that could happen. The ideas in this are controversial; as they were in the last blog, so don’t agree with them if you don’t want to.


One of my theories is probably the most common one to come across in fan arts, the parallel universe theory. This is a theory that Fionna, Cake, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee and so on are in a parallel universe to Ooo. This could be true. We already know that the show incorporates parallel universes, and parallel universes are universes that have been created because of a different outcomes occurring in something or a different choice made, among other things. Since, theoretically, you have a fifty-fifty chance of being born a boy and a fifty-fifty chance of being born a girl, there would be two universes created, one were you’re a boy, and one were you’re a girl. This means that there would be a parallel universe to Ooo where everyone’s gender swapped: Aaa. I think that from here Ice King will go to the time room and ask Prismo to be taken to this universe.

My second theory is the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving. You’re probably saying that “The Ice King didn’t get it to work the first time in Mystery Dungeon, so why would it work now?” In the episode, ‘little dude’ it is shown that the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving has father issues which causes anything it touches to become evil as it didn’t the Fionna and Cake novel Ice King gave him. It was in this episode, that if the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving was to think about his mother, he would make anything he touches become good, so if he were to touch the Fionna and Cake book, he might actually be able to bring them to life. However, because he can only bring intimated objects to life, then he might just make the book good, not evil.


Something that had always been bothering in me is why in the episode ‘Bad Little Boy’; it has a close up of Ice King putting Mac and Cheese in his pocket. Why did it do that? I believe it’s for a future episode. In time travel if you create a paradox where if you were to go back in time and you’ve stopped something occurring then there would be no reason to go back in time because the event would never have occurred. If this is the case, then there would be no reason to go back in time. The idea of breaking this paradox is to have some form of evidence, such as a note, that proves the event occurred. This will then alter the timeline so that the event has occurred. This is what I believe Ice King was doing. And notice how before he does it he says “I wanna remember this day forever!”  I think that in the future episode, Fionna and Cake will become real, and something will happen that will prevent everyone  from remembering it and then Ice King will pull the Mac and Cheese out of his pocket and then suddenly remember. But it’s all just a theory of a crazed fan.

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