I would like to talk about the theory of a lesbian relationship between Marceline and bubble-gum in the show. Now, I'vegot nothing against the theory, I mean it’s created some amazing fanart.

What I am against is the evidence to support the theory which I’m about to tear in two.

I found this on a blog while surfing the web one day which holds most of the evidence towards the theory and what I believe is the view of majority of the people belief.

 “A few days ago, a recap of the Adventure Time episode "What Was Missing" was posted and subsequently taken down from the Mathematical YouTube channel. Mathematical is "a Channel Frederator show-all that takes you behind the scenes of our show, Adventure Time!" In the case of this episode, the behind-the-scenes "look" exposed light lesbian subtext. Like the best multi-level jokes from the best cartoons and Pixar movies, the relationship between these two female characters is a thing kids won't pick up on, teenagers might, and adults definitely will.

The video launched a thousand 'ships into the night when the narrator spoke of Marceline's song from the episode by noting, "She might like Princess Bubblegum a little more than she'd like to admit." At the end of the video, fans are asked to respond to what they think of the pairing. Throughout the video there are drawings from one of the crew members, Natasha Allegri.

At this point you might be wondering what a Princess Bubblegum is but no worries. I did allllll the work for you and will now break down the basics. I guess you should know that Adventure Time is an animated show about a teenage boy named Finn and his magical dog Jake. As suggested in the title, they go guessed it -- adventures. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen are two of his friends that often accompany him.

The episode begins with the Doorlord taking prized possessions from the group of friends. He takes a piece of Bubble-gum’s hair from Finn. We adults learn that Finn (has alone time with) the piece of hair. Moving along and pretending we don't know that, the group follows the Doorlord as he retreats behind a door that can only be opened by a "genuine band."

This is when it gets super gay. Marceline begins playing her bass which already deserves the side eye. It's not just any song though. It begins with Marceline’s desire to "drink the red from her pretty pink face" which sounds to me like she wants to make the fair princess a vampire so they can be together forever. However, Bubblegum doesn't get this impression and takes Marceline's lyrics about putting her in the ground a tad more literally and is offended by the song. This sends Marceline on a bender.

Marceline: Oh, you don't like that? Or do you just not like me?

She then continues singing "I'm Just Your Problem," a title that already sounds like a song from a Tegan and Sara back to basics live performance EP.

"I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you. So why do I want to? Why do I want to...?”

This is when she has a Santana gay panic moment and loses her grip and her focus.

Marceline: Stop staring at me. You threw me off.

But it doesn't end there. Upon repossessing their favourite things, there's a slight mix up. Jake thinks Marceline’s t-shirt would naturally go to Marceline. Princess interrupts stating the shirt was gifted from the Vampire Queen and announces it means a lot to her. Marceline bitterly comments that she never wears it. Bubblegum counters that she wears it all the bed. At this point it's no longer subtext. It's just text. Probably Stencil.

Seems cute and harmless, right? Fred Seibert, the show's producer, had this to say about the video's removal:

    There’s been chatter on the internet recently about our latest Adventure Time “Mathematical!” video recap that we created, posted, and removed here at Federator. I figure it’s time to clear up the matter.  In trying to get the show’s audience involved we got wrapped up by both fan conjecture and spicy fanart and went a little too far. Neither Cartoon Network nor the Adventure Time crew had anything to do with putting up or taking down our latest re-cap. The episode “What was missing” remains a terrific short and will be shown again and again just like any other Adventure Time episode.

He claims that the powers that be had nothing to do with the removal of the video. Then why remove it? Were they worried about media watch groups coming after the show?  The people who seemed to be in a joyous heat about the episode were the same people who seem to be in one whenever something like this happens: tumblr lesbians.

Does Adventure Time status as a children's show make this kind of subtext inappropriate? I think all of us agree that the answer to that is a resounding hell no. Because we aren't inappropriate. Nor are our feelings or relationships. Heterosexuality is present in shows for even the youngest children and often they are problematic representations. You're telling me Gonzo can (have sex with) chickens but a vampire can't have a crush on a girl made of bubble gum?

I think the Adventure Time associates were surprised with the outpour of support which says something, doesn't it? People are more surprised when there's a strong positive reaction to a lesbian relationship than if it had been overwhelmingly negative. No matter how they felt, the video was removed and again the message is sent. It's not ok to embrace queer relationships. It is ok to silent our voices. What did you think of the episode? Are you upset that the video was removed?”

Now will start with the first point; the youtube video, Mathematical! See below.

What Was Missing ( ADVENTURE TIME Behind The Scenes and Recap)02:09

What Was Missing ( ADVENTURE TIME Behind The Scenes and Recap)

Now the author of this blog, Brittani, states that this was taken down because it hinted a lesbian relationship between two characters. This video was actually produced briefly by Frederator Studios not the adventure time crew. And yes Frederator Studios produces Adventure time, but that’s all they do; produce. A producer is a person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale. In this case, frederartor studios sells the adventure time episodes to channels, so Frederator Studios aren’t actually linked to the story or character design for adventure time.  One of the lead designers, Andy Ristaino, replied to a question on regarding his opinion on the controversy caused by the "Mathematical" promo by stating “It was completely unnecessary controversy based on 2nd hand misinformation.”  I’d also like to point out to Brittani one of her last sentences “No matter how they felt, the video was removed and again the message is sent. It's not ok to embrace queer relationships. It is ok to silent our voices.” That’s not the message Fred Seibert was trying to send. He’s saying that adventure time wasn’t hinting at a lesbian relationship between bubble-gum and Marceline but that’s what Frederator Studios did. As stated by writer/storyboard artist Adam Muto If it was just a fan video there would be no problem at all. The problem was that it was made by a production company actively involved with the show. The video took something that was a possible subtext and declared it, in effect, text and made it seem like the production was actively seeking out input on plot development.”  In my opinion, if it wasn’t for this video, you would have far less speculation about the relationship. When I was watching this episode, I never suspected a lesbian relationship between the two. But because of this video, it stirred up too much trouble and the cherry on top of this carnage was the fact that it was created by the producers of the show.

The second point made is about Marceline’s song, I’m just your problem. See below.

I'm Just Your Problem - Marceline01:45

I'm Just Your Problem - Marceline

The author of the blog said that she took Marceline’s lyrics as “Marceline’s (…) want to make the fair princess a vampire so they can be together forever.” And while this may be true, had you noticed that the faces on the door began to frown when Marceline sang “to bury you in the ground?” We’ll that’s because the door likes the truth so even if Brittani is right, Marceline would of been lying about her wanting to make bubblegum a vampire. It would have made more sense if the lyrics were taken literally and even then it doesn’t sound really that romantic.  And Marceline’s hissy fit was right after her lying about hating bubblegum, so maybe the creators wanting to show that Marceline still wants to be friends with bubblegum.

Onto the shirt. This is one of the hardest to prove right, but I’ll try, don’t agree with me if you don’t want to. First of all, it’s a shirt; just because I wear clothes that my friends give me to bed doesn’t mean I like them. Here’s the thing though, if it’s so precious to bubblegum then why in later episodes, she’s not seen were it to bed. There were two episodes where you see bubblegum wearing her pyjamas and she’s not wearing her shirt.

You may be saying at this point is that she was blushing when she said it means a lot to her. Well it is pretty embarrassing to still have something that a person gave who you now hate. How would you act if your ex found something you find precious that he or she gave you still in your possession?  And I believe the reason that bubblegum still has the shirt was probably  the same reason that Marceline lied about hating bubblegum; she still wants to be friends.

There is also a small amount of evidence in sky witch which is very vague but is supportive never the less. In sky witch, after Bubblegum is awoken, she deeply inhales the rock shirt marcline gave her. I will admit that is extremely creepy and very odd but, although it was owned and possibly worn by Marceline, it is now Bubblegum’s shirt and since that Bubblegum is over three hundred years old and that shirt could have been given to her at any stage in her life if, if it where to have a scent, it would be the scent of her not Marceline. Another theory, and yes it is a stretch but, Maja did sniff the shirt and says that “Ah, the psychic resonance on Hambo is nothing compared to [the shirt]” so Bubblegum might have been sniffing it because of its psychic resonance or in simpler terms, it’s significance to Bubblegum.

Another point in this scene is that in the wardrobe there is a picture of Bubblegum and Marceline, presumably taken when they were still best friends. See below.

S5e29 PB getting sweater from wardrobe

This picture supports the theory earlier stated that Bubblegum still treasures her friendship with Marceline. The fact that it’s in the inside of her wardrobe however does raise an eyebrow. By having it in her wardrobe instead of in a photo album, it shows that Bubblegum wants her emotions towards Marceline to be hidden which points back to the lesbian relationship. Although, on the other hand, because it’s in her wardrobe, it might mean she doesn’t want to forget her friendship with Macreline as it’s in a place she would see it every day.

From this evidence, it is my belief that  the relationship between bubblegum and marceline is inconclusive as the evidence doesn't surport the theory that they're friends, it does however deny the theroy from the evidence portrayed in the blog that bubblegum and marceline's relationship is Internment.

If you have any theories you would like me to talk about, leave it in my talk page.

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