The room was silent. Jake was sitting in one of the ripped up chair watching Finn in while Bubblegum was looking at the monitor, studying Finn’s systems. The two didn’t even noticed the vampire queen in the room until she cleared her throat. The two looked at her and then went back to doing what they were doing.

“What’s Finn doing in there?” The vampire queen had asked point towards the device.

“He’s testing it to see what it does.” Bubblegum had said without looking away from the monitor.

“Any idea?”

“Unfortunately no, but I suspect that if were to take him out he could suffer serve symptoms.” Bubblegum had said to her.

“What like a bit of brain damage?” Jake had asked joining in on the conversation.

“Like death.”

“So then, what do we do?” Marceline had asked.

“Well I’ve got no idea. The only way to know would be to understand how this machine works.”

“And how would be able to do that?” Jake had asked.

“Well if I had some blueprints or notes, something about it I would understand it a bit more.”

“Maybe I could help look for them?” Marceline had asked.

“I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything but if you think you could help, be my guest.” Bubblegum had said turning back to the monitor.

“Alright, come on Jake let’s see if we can find anything.” Marceline had said floating out of the room.

Jake followed Marceline out of the room leaving Bubblegum with Finn. Jake walked with Marceline around the place as they looked for anything towards the device.


The school bell had rung informing everyone it was time to go home, and Finn was one of the first to leave. He said goodbye to his new formed friends and headed home. As Finn was walking, he couldn’t help but think of Bonnibel. The way she made him feel whenever she would smile, like his chest was in a vice and he couldn’t breathe. The way her presence would make him tingle inside. But there was another feeling he felt whenever he thought of her; insecurity. What if she does like him? Then what? Would she never speak to him again? Would she tell everyone, exile him from everyone? He searched his mind for any answer to these questions, but created more questions for him to answer dwelling him deeper and deeper into thought. Finn had finally arrived home and walked into the house. He was greeted with the delicious smell of spaghetti , Finn’s favourite. He followed the scent to the kitchen where his mother and father were cooking.

“Hi Finn,” His father said standing in front of stove, “How was school? Did you make any friends?”

“School was good, I made friends with a boy named Jake, and two girls named Marceline and Bonnibel.” Finn had said putting his backpack down at his feet and sitting on a stool at the bench.

“Oh okay,” Said his mother cutting up vegetables, “Any girls you’ve got a crush on?”


“ I’m just curious,” Finn’s mum had said shrugging.

“No...” Finn said not looking his mother in the eye.

“Don’t lie to me.” She said pointing the blade of the knife at him before going back to cutting up the vegetables.

“ I know when you’re lying. Is it one of your friends?” She asked leaning down to look at his face that he was trying to cover with hands, “It is, isn’t it? I bet it’s Marceline, that’s sounds like the name of a girl you’d like.”

Finn smirked, “Yeah mum, it’s Marceline.”

“Oh, so then it’s Bonnibel is it? How is she? Is she pretty? Is she smart? Funny?”

Finn’s mother continued to question him about Bonnibel all throughout dinner and while he was watching TV. After about an hour or so, he finally cracked and locked himself in his room. He laid on his bed for half an hour thinking about Bonnibel. Then suddenly an image of Bonnibel with pink skin and hair, a tiara and a princess dress popped into his mind. Finn jumped at the thought and then shook his head at it. He sat up and looked over at his alarm clock to see that it was late. Finn decided to shower and brush his teeth before heading off to bed for the next day.