As Finn walked through the doors, he felt completely alone. Everyone seemed to have a group that they could be with, everyone expect him. Finn pushed though a large crowd of people to a free seat. He took his backpack off, put at his feet and sat there quietly staring at the ground. After a few minutes Finn saw a pair of yellow sneakers standing in front of him. He looked up and a blonde haired boy in a yellow t-shirt and brown slacks stood there smiling at him before putting out his hand.

“Hey man, I’m Jake.”

The boy continued to stand there holding out his hand while Finn look him confused.

“Are you going to shake my hand or not?”

Finn shook Jake’s hand, “Finn.”

Jake sat down next to Finn and put his backpack at his feet.

“Are you new here?” Jake had asked.

“Yeah, just moved in late last year.”

Suddenly a girl two years older than Finn with long black hair that ran down her back walked up to the two. She was wearing brown ankle high boots that over lapped her grey jeans just above the ankle and a light purple t-shirt that was big enough for the collar to come down halfway her upper arm showing that she was wearing a light grey singlet underneath. She was also carrying a guitar bag.

“Move it losers, that seats mine.” The girl had said.

“I don’t see your name on it.” Finn had replied.

“Man,” Jake had said to Finn quietly, “I don’t think we should mess with her, she looks pretty scary.”

Finn look over at the girl, She look angry but not scary.

“Well?” The girl said.

“ My question still stands.” Finn said crossing his arms and drooping into the seat.

The girl pointed in between Finn and Jake. The two leaned out and saw something written in black letters. Finn leaned in closer to read it.

“Marceline.” He read.

“That’s me so move it.” She said.

Jake stood up, grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder. He turned around to see that Finn hadn’t moved; he was still sitting with his arms crossed looking at Marceline.

“Finn, man come on.” Jake had said nudging him on the shoulder.

“Yeah Finn,” Said Marceline, “You better listen to your friend.” Marceline said shooting a piercing look at him.

Finn continued to sit there without hesitating. Marceline kept staring at him trying to get him to give but he didn’t. It was Marceline who was the first to yield.

“You’ve got guts if you can star me down. I guess you’re not such a loser.” Marceline said.

“So can we keep the seat?” Jake had asked hesitating.

“ Well why don’t we share it? I Don’t mind.” Finn said.

Marceline then sat next to Finn. Jake stood there for a couple seconds before sitting back down on the other side of Finn.

“So what’s your name?” Marceline said a little menacingly over Finn’s shoulder to Jake.

He had gulped before replying, “I’m Jake.”

“Well Jake, pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Marceline hissed before laughing.

While Marceline continued to hassle Jake, Finn looked over him and something had caught his eye; something pink. He stood up to try and see through the crowd and he saw a girl that looked the same age as Marceline. She brown hair that had been done up in a pony tail with a second hair band tied halfway in the tail to keep it together at the bottom. She wore a pink sweater, purple jeans, and pink flats and to Finn she was beautiful.

“Excuse me,” She said through the crowd, “ Does anyone know where form class B12 is?”

She saw Finn staring at her and she smiled before walking over.

“Hi, Do you know where I could find form class B12?” She said to Finn while chewing something.

Finn stared sheepishly at her until he realized he was and snapped back into reality.

“Uh… No sorry can’t say I do I just moved here and I’m kinda new to the school.” Finn had said to her.

“Oh well would you like me to show you around?” The girl had asked.

“ That’s okay,” Jake butted in, “ I said I’d sh-”

“Sure, I mean I would love you to.” Finn interrupted. Jake had looked at her with a confused look .

“I thought you would of know your way around here by now princess.” Marceline said looking at her feet.

“Hey Marceline.” The girl had said rather dull.

“ Hello Bonnibel.”

“Princess?" Jake had asked.

“That’s my nickname for her. Her parents are super rich and she gets treated like a princess so...”

“ Were not rich,” Bonnibel said with her hands on her hips still chewing something, “We just make more than some people.”

“What are you chewing?” Finn had asked.

“Bubblegum.” She had said before blowing a bubble with it.

“That’s right you’d chew all throughout the year so everyone called you bubblegum. Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum.” Marceline said pointing at her.

Suddenly the bell had rung and everyone started to walk off to their form class.

“Well that’s the bell I’ll show you around after lunch.” Bonnibel said to Finn. “Yeah okay. That sounds awesome.” Finn said blushing. “Oh,” Bonnibel said while walking away, “I didn’t catch your name.”


“Okay Finn see you after lunch.”

“Come on Princess,” Marceline said to Bonnibel, “Don’t wanna be late on your first day and ruining your perfect record.”

Bonnibel caught up with Marceline and the two began to walk to class. Finn stood there staring at her until Jake nudged him.

“Come on man, we need to get to form.”

“ Yeah, yeah.” Finn had said still watching Bonnibel.