Finn awoke to a buzz in his ear. He cracked open his eyes and saw his alarm clock going off. He bashed the top of it and closed his eyes again. A few minutes later, Finn then heard a muffled sound that was preventing him from sleeping no matter how hard he tried. He rolled out of his bed and started searching for the source of the sound. He walked around the room until he found a pair of shorts thrown onto the ground and reached into the pocket to pull out a phone which had read ‘get up lazy’.  Finn had dropped the shorts on the ground and looked around him.  His double bed made with white sheets sat in the corner with a bedside table next to it. At the end of the bed was a black, wooden stance with a TV and his gaming console, a BMO, plugged into it. Adjacent to the bed was his wardrobe that took up a quarter of the wall.  Next to the wardrobe was a chest of drawers with the same colour of wood to match. A desk covered in random scraps of paper, various stationary and a large laptop sat next to the door. Finn, still in a dazed state from waking up, had put on a pair of denim shorts, a light blue t-shirt and a pair of black shoes; something that felt natural to wear. He walked out his bedroom, down the hallway and the stairs to the kitchen where a man sat at the table reading a newspaper, a little boy, no older than 5, sat next to him playing with his cutlery and a woman was in front of the stove cooking pancakes. Finn’s mind was suddenly flooded with memoires of these people that felt like his head was to explode. The man was his father; he worked in the police force and would constantly be off at work but every second week he would take some time off to go fishing on the boat they owned with Finn. The Woman was his mother; she was a teacher at the primary school. Even though she loved teaching, she would always take the day off whenever Finn was sick. The little boy was Finn’s brother; he would almost always say something that would get you to laugh and he would always cause trouble, but no matter what, everyone still loved him.

“Good Morning Finn, did you have a nice sleep?” His dad asked.

“Yeah, but I had this weird dream that I was in this magical land with a talking magical yellow dog and a girl made out of Bubblegum.” Replied Finn.

 “Well then, I bet you’re glad to be back in the real world then.” His mum said putting a plate of pancakes on the table.

Staring at the plate while licking his lips, Finn had said “Those look delicious.”

“Then sit down and I’ll serve you some.” His mother said gesturing to a chair.

Finn had sat in the chair and his mother had put three pancakes on his plate. He poured some maple syrup on them, cut a slice of it and put it in his mouth. The pancakes hit his tongue and a wave of bliss washed over him. His mum made the best pancakes ever; they were light and fluffy yet large enough to fill him.  He continued to eat his pancakes while his brother made a mess with the maple syrup all over himself.

“Are you ready for your first day of high school Finn?” His father asked in between mouthfuls of pancakes.

Finn had suddenly remembered that he had to go to school today.

“Yeah, I’ve got all my books and pens and stuff.”

“Good,” His mother said “Phil? Could you take Finn to school while on your way to work?”

“Of course, come on Finn grab your school bag, were going.”

Finn finished his last mouthful of pancakes and raced up stairs to grab his green backpack. He then raced back down the stairs, kissed his mother goodbye and ruffled his little brothers hair. He ran into the garage and jumped in the car. His dad started the ignition and they took off.  Finn’s dad had told Finn about all the things he did when he went to school and how he felt on his first day until they pulled up at the front.

“Bye buddy, have a good day.” His father said to him as Finn stepped out the car.

“Okay dad, you too.” He closed the car door and took a deep breath before walking through the doors.