“What is it?” Jake had asked.

“I don’t know but it looks like some sort of stasis pod. I’ll have to examine it back at my lab.” Princess Bubblegum answered.

“Well then, we better rip it out.” Finn said grabbing the top and beginning to lift it up.

Finn and Jake had been adventuring through the ruins of a pre-mushroom war laboratory in the caves north of the candy kingdom, when they had stumbled along this device in a room with nothing more than a large monitor plugged into to it and a couple of ripped arm chairs. The device was a long metallic cylinder laying horizontally on a stance with a glass lid that slid along the body of the cylinder. Inside of it was a mattress shaped and molded to a body and a metal helmet connected to some wires. When they had discovered it, the two decided to call Bubblegum to determine what it was.

Jake had realized that Finn was struggling to pull the device out and had stretched his hand to wrap around the top of it and began to rip it out. As he did, he lifted the stance the pod stood on and was tearing the wires that led from it to the ground.

“Stop, you’re going to destroy the machine!” The Princess had said to him.

Jake had gently put the device down and he and Finn started to back away from it.

“Now,” PB had said to herself, “If theirs wires connected to it, then that would mean that it would need power, so that would mean that there would be a power source nearby.”  She turned to Finn and Jake, “I need you two to go find the power source for it, I’m going to go see if I can find anything on this machine.”

Finn and Jake walked out into the hallway and went right, while Bubblegum had gone left. The brothers were walking down the black and white tiled hallway cutting down any flora that had spouted through the grounds and walls. They went into a fire escape down a flight of stairs to the basement. When looking for the power box, Finn and Jake had passed by large industrial generators and some maintenance supplies. The two had followed the wires that ran on the top of the concrete ceiling to a switch on a large control panel with thousands of dials. Jake had reached out and gradually pulled it down. The Engines behind then had roared into life and the lights in the room had lit up.

Bubblegum was in an office looking for notes or blueprints to the device once the lights had come on. Good, she had thought to herself, Finn and Jake had turned on the power. She had continued to riffle through the filing cabinet.

“I can’t seem to find any notes on the device.” Bubblegum had said with annoyance in her tone. “Oh well, I should be able to figure it out for myself.”

She had pushed the filing cabinet closed with her hip and walked back to the Device. She had noticed the device now had light pouring out from the behind the mattress leaving a silhouette of it on the roof.

“Well it still works, no thanks to Jake.”  Bubblegum had said aloud.

“Hey! I heard that!” Jake had said as he and Finn walked into the room.

Finn had giggled, “Well princess, did you find what you were looking for?”

“No, but that hasn’t stop me before.” Bubblegum had replied.

Hours had pasted and Finn and Jake were bored out of their wits and soon became impatient.

“I’m bored,” Jake had whined, “Princess, how much longer?”

“I’m still trying to figure out what this thing does.”

“Maybe I can help.” Finn said jumping out of his seat.

“No Finn. We have no idea what this machine could do. It could harvest your organs, or slowly poison you or…”

“Well what else do you have in mind?”

The Princess had stood there thinking, “Alright, get in, Jake and I will be here to pull you out if things get too intense okay?”

“Princess, it never gets too intense for me.”

Finn had then pushed a button on the side of the machine and the rounded glass pane had slid over allowing him to step in. Bubblegum had put the metal helmet on Finn and the monitor had started up showing Finns heart rate and an MRI of his brain. The glass lid had started to close and Finn felt himself becoming drowsy before falling asleep.