As Finn walked into the cafeteria he was hit by a bombardment of noise. The cafeteria was complete havoc . Everyone that was sitting at were almost huddled together, bits of food were being thrown around every now and then and everyone was yelling over everyone else. Finn had gone and collected his food with Jake and they stood looking over the cafeteria. In the corner he could see Bonnibel in the far corner with Marceline. She saw Finn and signalled for him to come over. Finn had walked over to her with Jake not too far behind.

“Hi Finn.” Bonnibel said with a smile.

“Hey... hey Bonnibel. Hi Marceline.”

“Hey Finn, Jake.” Marceline had said in between mouthfuls of food.

“What was the first class you had?” Bonnibel had asked.

“ Jake and I had science together.”

“So how was it?”

“It was really boring.” Finn had said.

“Really,” Bonnibel said “because I love science.”

“Hey hey hey.” A boy said sitting next to Bonnibel. He was the same age as Bonnibel and Marceline and had dark brown hair and wore a blue tracksuit jacket with kayak cargo pants and blue runners.

“Go away Simon,” Bonnibel said without looking at him “No one likes you.”

“Aw come on Princess, can’t I just sit here with you?” Simon said slowly moving his hand towards Bonnibels.

Bonnibel jerked her hand away. “Get away you creep.”

While Bonnibel was trying to get Simon to leave Jake noticed Marceline was writing something in a book covered in drawings of vampires and demons.

“What’s with the vampires on your book?” Jake had asked.

“I just think there cool.” Marceline said looking at the front cover.

“What are you writing in it?” Jake had asked trying to lean around her.

“Lyrics to a song I’m writing.” She said showing Jake the page.

On it were various bars with notes all over them and lyrics underneath.

“That looks pretty cool, what do you play it on? Guitar?” Jake had asked studying the page.

“Nah, I play Bass Guitar.”

“Oh okay, I play a viola.”

“Really? Viola? I never would of guessed.”

“Yeah well my dad got it for me and was teaching me how to play it.”

While Jake and Marceline were talking about music, Finn was trying to help Bonnibel get rid of Simon.

“Come on man, the lady’s asked you to move.”

“But there’s nowhere else to sit.”

“Not my problem, so move it.” Finn said.

Simon had grumbled something under his breath and moved off.

“Thanks Finn, That guys a real creep.” Bonnibel said watching him walk off.

“What’s his problem anyway?” Finn had asked before using his fork to shovel some food into his mouth.

“He just hits on girls all the time, but he like to hit on me especially, it’s so annoying.”

The new group of friends finished their lunch and Bonnibel had begun showing Finn and Jake around with Marceline. When she had showing Finn and Jake everyone was going to depart ways until Bonnibel had realised something.

“Oh no I’ve left my timetable in the cafeteria.”

“Jake and I can get it.” Finn had said steeping forwards.

“Oh would you?” She asked.


“Hey why am I getting dragged into this?” Jake had asked.

“Come on dude it can be an adventure.” Finn had said walking back to the cafeteria.

Jake had started to follow him, “Doesn’t seem like much of an adventure to me...”

Finn and Jake had made their way to the cafeteria and had collected Bonnibels timetable when three large boys walked up to them.

“What are you doing here?” One of them asked Finn and Jake.

“We’re just here to get something a friend left behind.” Finn had said . “You mean this?” said one of the other boys taking the time table from his hands.

“Hey give it back.” Finn had said jumping up for it.

The boys had started throwing the piece of paper between them, keeping it away from Finn.

“Hey knock it off.” Jake said stepping in.

“And what are you going to do about it?” One of them with the timetable in his hand said.

Jake stood there for a moment before shoulder barging him in the stomach and taking the paper.

“Run!” Jake had said to Finn before running off.

Finn stood there for a moment before trying to follow jake. One of the boys had grabbed Finn around the stomach. Finn squirmed trying to get out of his grip but the boy continued to hold him. Finn elbowed the boy in the head and he dropped him. He then ran off after Jake. The boys soon followed him and Jake. Finn had soon caught up to Jake and the duo continued to run down the hallway. Finn had passed both his and Jakes locker and stopped. He signalled for Jake to stop and then pointed to Jakes locker before stepping into his own and shutting the door behind him. Jake shortly followed and the two waited until the boys they were fighting had passed them. They then stepped out of the locker and walked to where Bonnibel and Marceline were. Finn had handed the timetable to Bonnibel.

“Thanks Finn, your my hero.” Bubblegum said.

“Hey I helped too.” Jake had said stepping in front of Finn.

“And thank you too Jake.”

The bell had rung and the four departed ways to their classes.