Finn had pulled his Timetable out of his bag to see where his form class was. Jake had his out and while Finn was looking over his timetable, Jake was comparing the two.

“Awesome,” He had said, “We’ve got form together.” Jake had said before the too put there sheets of paper away.

The two new friends began to walk down an empty hallway to their class. At first they walked in silence until Jake had broken it.

“So why did you want Bonnibel to show you around the school when you said that I could?”

“Well because,” Finn had said rubbing the back of his neck and blushing trying to figure out a lie, “I just thought she would be more experienced in knowing her way around.”

“Doesn’t seem to me like she knows her way around.” Jake had replied shrugging.

“Well age is experience isn’t it? So since she older than you she obviously more experienced.”

Suddenly Jake drew a huge grin across his face.

“Oh I know why now. You like Bonnibel.”

“No I don’t.” Finn had said blushing.

“Oh my Glob, you do!”

No. I don’t.”

Yeah you do.”

“Whatever.” Finn said rolling his eyes.

Finn and Jake had made it to their form class. They opened the door and stepped inside. No one had noticed that they were late. They seemed too busy with their own thing. There was a group of guys all sitting around one guy who was sitting on a table. There was a group of people that were all on their phones texting someone, or talking to someone. Finn could swear that two girls that were sitting next to each other were talking on the phone to the other. There were a couple of people in the far corner huddled in a circle trading card war cards. There was two guys who were throwing scrunched up paper at each and a blonde Koran girl with white pants and a rainbow coloured wool jumper sat staring out the window. Finn and Jake sat down in a pair of free seats that were next to each other.

“It’s cool if you like Bonnibel.” Jake had said to Finn while they made their way to their seat. “I don’t like Bonnibel.”

“ Well, she that girl over there?” Jake had said pointing to the Koran girl staring out the window.

“Yeah what about her?” Finn had asked.

“ Her name’s Hei Ryung and I’ve kinda of got a crush on her. She only really speaks a very little bit of English so I’ve been learning Koran so I can talk to her.”

“Well then what are you waiting for?” Finn said.

“Well I don’t think I can. I mean I’m a little embarrassed.”

Suddenly a man with round metal framed glasses and a slightly regarded walked through the door with a brown suit jacket, white undershirt and cream pants carrying a brown leather briefcase. As soon as he put the briefcase down on the desk everyone jumped into the nearest seat.

“Good morning class I’m your form teacher, Mr Ward.” He said writing his name on the board.

When form had ended Finn and Jake had gone to their lockers and put their bags in them before taking out their books and heading off to their first class. Finn was bored out of his mind in science with Jake. He sat there watching the clock for it to strike eleven and he could go to lunch and she could show him around. The time had finally come and he pack up his stationary and headed out to his locker with Jake. Finn opened up his locker threw his books in and took his lunch money out. He then followed everyone else to the cafeteria.