Liam awakened. He rubbed his head from where he had bumped it on the shelf. He was in an underground bunker, alone. It was something his father had installed during the war. Liam opened the door and stepped outside into utter destruction. The buildings that once cut through the sky were now nothing than flaming rumble. The any form of flora in the city was now burnt to a crisp. The highway leading into the city had been torn apart. A whole city, destroyed the press of a button.

Liam’s house stood directly in front of him, collapsed. Three black skeletons laid in what was his backyard; His mothers, fathers, and younger sisters. They had all died trying to get to the bomb shelter. Liam was the first into the shelter and while she was running for safety, his younger sister had sprained her ankle and tripped. His mother and father rushed to her in an attempt to get inside. They failed however, and as Liam saw the bomb being dropped, he closed the door. The blast was so strong, it caused him to hit his head against the shelf. Liam kneeled over the bodies that were once his family and he began to cry. At first his eyes had started to water a little, but it shortly he began to bawl. He lent over the group of bones and cried into them. He cried for several minutes until he fell he could hold it back. He decided to go into town to see if anyone else might of survived. He began to follow the road until he reached the city central. While walking into the city, he came across a little that wouldn’t of been older than his sister. She had black hair and was wearing red t –shirt under a blue dress similar to overalls.

She was calling out for her father. Liam was about to go help her when a man had come along. He had long white hair and a small white beard. He wore a grey suit with a black vest underneath. He had a crown attached to some string and looped through one of his belt holes. He had a dark green hiking backpack on with odd objects attached to it. He saw the little girl crying and throw his backpack off before running up to comfort her. He then walked over to a toy store and grabbed a stuffed toy before giving it to the girl and hugging her. Liam thought there was something strange about the man and decided it would be best for him to stay away from them.

He continued into the city and began waiting on a park bench. He sat there for any hour or so before he became hungry. He saw a grocery store across the road from him and had began searching it for food. Most of the food there had already been taken as people had been stocking up for this and so Liam found it hard to find anything to eat. He came across some tinned baked beans and a bag of chips. They felt warm, as though they were radiating heat. He found a plastic spoon and sat down in the aisle leaning against the shelves before eating them. He sat there thinking until it had become dark. Liam took his jacket off and folded it up before lying on it, using it a pillow. He laid there for a few minutes before closing his eyes and drifting off into sleep.