Liam woke to sun light in his eyes. He shielded his eyes from the light with his hands before sitting up. He grabbed his jacket and put it back on and stood up. He found four more cans of baked beans and ate one of them put the others in a plastic shopping bag.

Liam went back outside and continued to walk until it had started to rain. At first, he continued to talk through it, but as it became heavier, he thought it would be best to find shelter. He came across a supermarket and took refuge in it.

While waiting for the storm to pass, Liam began scavenging supplies. He found a large backpack and placed his tinned food in it before putting it on his back. He found a walkman and some cassette tapes for him to listen to, a torch for when it gets dark, a couple boxes of matches, and a Swiss army knife. He also found a skateboard and slid it in between his back and bag. While looking in an aisle he heard the sound of something being knocked over in the next aisle.

“Hello?” He called out, “Is someone there?” He began to walk towards the sound.

“ Are you okay?” Liam asked he poked his head around the corner and saw a bunch of objects spilled across the floor.

He continued to walk around the corner until he saw this grey creature that had the build of a human, oozing green goo out of its eyes and mouth. The creature was staring right at him and Liam just froze. It was only until the creature began to run at him that he began to run.

He ran through the store closely followed by the creature. As he came across the sports equipment , he tripped on a tennis ball. Liam began to crawl away as the monster drew nearer. It had caught up to Liam and now stood over him. The creature had grabbed his right shoulder and had flipped him over. As it did, Liam grabbed a metal baseball bat that was close to his hand and use the momentum of being turned over to swing the bat, hitting the creature in the face. The creature fell to the ground and Liam stood up over it. It began to move so, he began to hit it over and over until he thought it was dead. He looked over the creature in bewilderment. He poked it using the end of his bat and it oozed more green goo.

‘Gross’ He thought.

As he continued to look at the monster, he heard footsteps behind him and had turned around. Another two creatures stood in front of him. They looked similar to the other one, but one was black while the other was brown. The black one charged at him and Liam swung his bat into the creatures skull. The other shortly followed and Liam swung the bat into its torso knocking it to the ground before he its head. He shook some goo that was on the tip of his bat and slid it into a slot on his backpack.

‘What are these things?’ He asked himself as though he knew the answer. He sat next to bodies until the storm had passed and he continued to follow the road into the city.