A month had passed since The bomb had been dropped. Liam had been surviving on mainly tinned food with the occasion of fresh fruit. After an encounter with a large group of mutants , Liam had found a hunting rifle to protect himself better and had started moving out of the city.

He was walking through the forest that was just outside the city when he heard people talking. He ducked into the bushes and started sneaking up to them. It was the man and little girl he had seen a month ago. The girl’s clothes were slightly dirty and the sleeves of her shirt were ripped. The man looked much the same but with longer hair and beard.

The two were looking at a videotape.

“Man, this is a boring movie.” The man said. The little girl laughed.

“I like the book much better!” He continued to say. He threw the tape behind him and they both laugh.

“You're so silly, Simon!” The girl had said

“yeah, I suppose so.” Simon had said. Liam tried to moved closer. “Huh?”

“What is that?” the girl had asked. Liam tried to move closer again.

“I'm not sure,” Simon said, “but it's coming our way. Come on.” The two ran over to a car. Simon picked up the girl and put her in it. “Marcy, you stay in the car. I'll be right back.”

“Simon!” Marcy said pulling on his beard. Simon winched in pain. “You're not going to put it on, are you?”

“I have to.” Simon replied, “To protect us.”

“But you're gonna act weird again!”

“Don't worry, I can control it better now.” Liam started to become suspicious.

‘Control what better now?’ he thought.

“It's okay! B.R.B.” Simon had said. He kissed Marcy on the forehead and pulled his head out of the window. Liam a little curious to see what the man was going to do, moved closer.

“Oh, boy. Here it comes.” Simon said. Liam moved slower trying to stop the bushes from rustling.

“Oh, bread balls. Oh, bread balls! OH, BREAD BALLS!” The man put on the crown that was tied to his belt holes. His nose and hair and beard then began to grow and he started laughing maniacally.

“I call upon the power of ice and snow!!” He shouted now flying in the air. Liam became worried.

“ Ice winds, blow!!!” Icy wind shot out of his hands which caused a deer that would of been near Liam to fly out of the bushes and land perfectly on its feet. It looked around, confused at what just happened.

The man growled, “ You will no longer terrify a 47-Year-Old man and a 7-Year-Old girl!” He then shot ice at the deer causing a ball of ice to form around it making it frozen.

Liam began to slowly back away into the woods. He walked deep within the woods to keep away from the crazed magic man. After many hours he set up camp. He made a set up some sticks in a teepee form and grabbed some dried grass and twigs for the fire. He pulled out a box of matches and opened it up. ‘One left.’ He thought. Liam struck it along the box and cover his hand around it to shield it from the wind. He placed it on the grass and scooped it up. He then began to gently blow on it until it caught on fire. He placed it in the fire amongst some twigs and it soon set ablaze.

He pulled out his last tin of food and place it just in the fire. While it cooked, he set out his sleeping bag and grabbed a large log and lent against it. He pulled out his book and continued to read it from where he left off. To pass the time he has been reading a book he found on radiation to better understand the new world.

After several minutes he used his shirt to pick up the metal in he left in the fire and took it out to let it cool for a bit. As he was eating he thought he should head into town to resupply. Once he finished his dinner, it was dark and he had jumped into his sleeping bag and slowly gone to sleep.