Moring had come and Liam had packed up his camp site and set off into town. He came across a road and he pulled out his walkman, placed his headphones on his head and put a cassette in it. He pulled his skateboard out and set it on the ground before jumping on it and taking off. As he rode, he attempted a variety of tricks, landing a few occasionally and failing most of them.

He rode to town and to a camping store. He grabbed as many matches as he could and some batteries. From their he went to a grocer and was looking for food. He found a bag of pretzels and some apples and a couple tins of food. Liam sat on the building and watched over the town. He pulled out one of his apples and ate it. The city was slightly better than it was when the bomb hit. Grass had began to grow back and shrubs had started spouting up here and there.

In the distance Liam could see his old house and memories of his family filled his mind. He remembered how, when he was little, his dad would chase him around the backyard and when he would catch him, Liam’s dad would tickle him. He remembered how his mum use to listen to him whenever he was having a tough day just so he had someone to talk about it to. He remember how his little sister would always annoy him in such a way, he would want to wrap his hands around her throat but he never did because he loved her dearly.

When he finished his apple he thought he should visit his house. When he arrived he tried open the door. It was blocked though, a beam sat in front of it. He went over to the window in the living room and broke it open with his baseball bat. He stepped inside and stood there. The house he had been living in all his life was now nothing but rubble.

He went into his room and sat on his bed. He sat there for a while, thinking. Thinking about how his whole world would never be the same again. He picked up a picture frame from his bedside table that held a picture of his family. He took it out, folded it up and put it in his bag. He was about to leave when saw the pantry in the kitchen. He looked through it and found tins of stew, spaghetti, tuna and soup. He also found a bag full of peaches and two large bags of chips.

He left his house and skated along the road he followed a month ago. On his way back out to the city, he heard something banging against a car. He pulled his baseball bat out and followed the noise. There he saw Simon and Marcy again on a freeway.

Marcy had her hands on her ears and Simon was kicking a ambulance shouting ‘mother’ repeatedly. Simon was then grabbed by a mutant that was hiding under the vehicle and Simon kicks it away. He then begins to push the ambulance off the freeway and it starts saying “Clambulance” over and over.

This caused the mutants in area to start coming after the two. They jumped of the freeway onto a tree cover in a pink substance and Liam had shortly followed them. Most of the mutants chased Simon and Marcy but some of the mutants in the crowd had noticed him. He had to fight through them, violently swinging his bat.

He hit a mutant with a direct hit to the head. A second shortly followed as he hit it in the gut with the tip of the bat and then swung down on its head. A third mutant had walked up to him and he swept it off its feet using the bat before smashing its head open. He continued to fight the mutants with great difficultly until he came across a fire escape that was alongside a building.

He climbed up it and on the roof he could see Simon and Marcy in an alley, trapped between a wall and a group of mutants. Simon put Marcy in a car that sat in the alley and the two were talking. As they did, Liam fumbled to get the hunting rifle off the side of his pack.

“Simon!” He heard Marcy call out.

He looked up and saw Simon closing the car door. Liam had finally got the gun off his back and reached into his pocket for ammunition. He looked up again and stopped. He saw Simon putting on his crown and he began to sing.

“Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you've got!” He shot snow out of his hand and blasted the mutants across the alleyway as he did, Simon began to fly.

“Taking a break from all your worries SURE WOULD HELP A LOT!!” He then began to summon what seemed to be a snow storm.

“WOULDN'T IT BE NICE TO GET AWAY!” HE then used his snow storm to blast more Mutants down the alley.

“Where everybody,” He began to descend, “ knows your name. Where everybody....” Simon then smacked the crown off his head. It was then that Liam began to walk away back into the shadows and leaving the man and little girl alone.