Liam rode through the silent city. The only noise that could be heard were the clicks of his wheels on the road. Night had fallen and Liam was trying to find a place to spend the night. The mutants would come out at night.

He found an old apartment building to set up camp. It was pitch black inside. He pulled out his torch and began to look around. He searched through the area a silently as possibly, so if an mutants were in the building, he’d have the upper hand. As he was searching through the apartments, he heard the sound of something large falling over. He turned off his little and slowly snuck up to the room the sound had emitted from. He gently opened the door and before him was a mutant trapped under a bookshelf. Liam stood there for a while and watched the mutant struggle to lift the bookshelf off. He pulled out his baseball bat and cracked it’s head open before continuing to search the place.

He found a room in which to stay. He rolled out his sleeping bag and he broke apart some wooden chairs to use as fire wood. He ripped some pieces paper out of some books to use as kindling. He opened his bag of pretzels and ate them as he read his book. As he did, the smoke from the fire rose up and set off a smoke detector. The sprinkles then active and Liam and put his book into his bag in order to save it. He then took off his jacket and used it to try and blow the smoke away from the smoke detector in an attempt to shut it up.

As the smoke alarm beeped, it attracted the mutants that were walking around on the street outside. By the time he stooped the smoke alarm, the mutants were walking through the hallway towards his room. He packed up his sleeping bag, put his backpack on and pulled out his hunting rifle. He loaded with rounds before pointing it at the door waiting.

The door had been torn open and the mutants started to pile into the room. He began to open fire, shooting round after round into the head of a mutant. He pulled the bolt of the gun back and took and aim at the next mutant. Click. Liam looked at his gun before pulling the bolt again and squizzing the trigger. Click. He tried again. Click. And again. Click. The gun was empty. By now the mutant was standing right in front of him and tried to grab him. He hit it in the head with the butt of the gun causing it to hit the ground. He continued to hit it in the head until it’s head indented.

Another three mutants had now made their way up to him. He put his gun back in the holster of his pack, pulled out his bat and clubbed the three mutants in the head. More and more mutants began to pour in through the door making Liam retreat to the bedroom. He ran in, locked the door behind him and sat up against it.

‘so this is how it’s end.’ He thought. ‘being torn apart by freaks of nature.’

The mutants had pushed up against the door causing Liam to fall forward. While lying on the ground, he could see a shoebox underneath the bed. He pull it out and opened it up. Inside was a black and white picture of a group of soldiers all posing for a photo. He picked it up and underneath was a M1917 revolver from the first world war in a holster. In the corner of the box was 36 or so bullets for it. Liam took the gun out of its holster and filled it with bullets, he put the remainder of the bullets in his pocket and stood up. He took out his baseball bat with his other and pulled the hammer the hammer of the gun back.

The mutants had burst through the door and Liam shot one right in between his eyes. He knocked another back with his bat and shot another. The mutant that had been knocked to the ground was now crawling towards Liam and he cracked it’s head open with his bat. He shot a mutant coming through the door in the leg causing it to fall onto the other before he shot it in the head.

Another two had come through the door and hit them directly in the head. Three mutants had walked in front of the doorway and Liam took aim at another before shooting. Click. One of the mutants had tried to grab him but he kept it back with his bat. He swung out the cylinder and empty the shells out of the slots. He knocked back another mutant that had come up to him before he started to walk backwards.

He fumbled through his pockets for another six rounds. He continued to walk back ,trying to stay away from the creatures, until he was backed into a corner. He placed the six bullets in the revolvers slots and flicked the cylinder back into place. Just has a mutant was to grab him, he pulled the hammer back and shot it in the chest. It stumbled back a few steps before he shot it again in its forehead.

The mutant that had knocked back had now crawled up to him and grabbed his leg. He put the barrel up to its skull and pulled the trigger. The last mutant had run up to him and he pulled back the hammer one last time before shooting it. As he was walking out of the room, Liam picked the revolvers holster up and carried on leaving.