It had been a year since Liam saw Simon and Marcy. He had grown out of his clothes and now wore jeans, skate shoes and a canvas jacket on top of a t-shirt. His hair had started to grow in length and he was growing a small amount of facial hair.

He was skating through the streets pulling off kickflips and pop-shove its and listening to his walkman when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He stopped and turned around to see Marcy jumping from tree to tree. Her hair was much longer than the last time he saw her. But she wore much the same attire. She still wore a dress that looked similar to overalls but the shirt she wore under it was grey.

She was wearing one sock on her right foot with the heel and the toe of shoe missing. Her dress had a couple of stains on it and the shirt she was wearing underneath sleeves ripped. She was holding some kind of pink rag doll. She jumped off the branch of a tree onto the road behind them and ran across it before sitting in front of a ruined house. Liam snuck up to her and hid in the forest nearby.

“You need another eyeball surgery, pal.” Marcy had said to the rag doll, “Lucky for you, we found a donor.” She put the doll down ripped a button from her overalls and held it up in the air before exclaiming “Eyeball!” She then began imitating a doctor saying, “Nurse, hand me the string.” And then imitated a nurse saying ‘Yes, doctor.’ She took a piece of string from a spool with a needle attached to it before commenting ‘It's our last piece.’ She picked up the rag doll. “Hold still.” She said to it before stitching the button to it. “I'm hurting you because I love you.” She continued to talk to it.

Marcy was all alone, with nothing to talk to but a doll.

‘I wonder what happened to Simon’ Liam had thought ‘He used to look after Marcy, watching over her like a hawk. Now he had mysteriously vanished.’ Liam thought about going up to the girl but had decided not to, remembering what Simon did to that deer.

He moved deeper into the woods before walking away from Marcy and back into the city to search for more supplies. Around lunch time Liam had stopped inside the Museum of History for s place to stay while eating. He stepped inside and pulled out his torch and revolver and started searching around for mutants.

As he did, he came across a whole bunch of artefacts. One thing that interested him in particular, was an old book called The Enchiridion. Liam sat down next to the display case that held the book and he pulled a peach and a packet of peanuts from out of his bag. while eating, Liam had thought of the world as it once was.

He imagined the museum full of people walking around and looking at the ancient objects with awe as though they were still here. Liam’s heart then sank.

‘Why me?’ He thought, ‘Why was I the one left to survive in the world?’ He could feel himself tearing up, ‘Why was I the one to be left alone?’

“Why?” He shouted through the empty room slamming his fist into the ground. He lip started to wobble and then he began to cry into his hands. He bite his lip and looked up at the ceiling to stop himself. He sobbed several times before exhaling and he wiped the tears from his eyes.

‘I’m just so alone’ he thought tucking his knees up to his chest, staring through the room.