As Liam walked through the forest pushing braches out of his path, he thought of Marceline and how her eyes filled with red when he asked about her dad.

'Did her eyes really turn red?' He thought, 'Nah. Probably just sleep deprivation.'

Ever since that night Liam had that nightmare, he had more of them and they recently became more and more frequent and it made it harder for him to sleep. After wondering for a few minutes, Liam found an opening in the forest big enough for him to set up camp and had done so. He placed his bag up against a rock and unrolled his sleeping bag. He collect an abundant of dead sticks and used them to start a fire before piercing the deer meat with a large stick and placed it on two forked stick dug on opposites sides of the fire.

Liam sat up against the rock watching his meat cook and occasionally turning it to cook it evenly. When his deer had roasted, he took it off it stand, slid the meat off its skewer and slowly ate it in the palm of his hands, then sat there thinking when he finished. As the hours passed, Liam had to fight his urge to sleep but eventually gave in.

Liam woke from his nightmare and jumped. He rubbed his face and stared at the sea of trees in front of him for a couple of hours before drifting off to sleep again. When Liam awoke for the second time, it was morning. He packed his camp and hastily made his way back to the diner. He ran through the bush and started calling out when he saw the diner.

"Marceline, It's me!" He shouted running up to the entrance and looking in. It was empty.

"Liam!" He shouted running back out to where he had seen Marceline the night before.

"I just thought I might be able to join yo-" He turned the corner to see that the clearing was empty.

Liam hit a tree next to him with the bottom of his fist. He then hit it again and again and again faster and more violently each time and started to cry as he did. Liam fell to his knees and smash both his fists into the ground.

"Why?" He shouted into the sky, "Why when I finally find someone so that I'm not alone do you tear them away from me?! What did I do to deserve this?!"

Liam sat there kneeling for a minute or so before propping himself up on one of his knees and walking off into the wood to continue to hunt for food.