It had been eight years since Liam had seen Marcie but he remembered that look on her face when she was looking for Simon all those years ago. He was now 23 and as the years passed, He had changed his attire and he now wore a buttoned up t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt and khaki cargo pants which had been slightly torn and tattered over time. When food started to become scarce in the city, he began to hunt animals out of the city. He had read a survival book on how to build traps and track animals to help him and had become pretty good at it.

Liam was out hunting a deer and collecting some rabbits from traps he laid the pervious day when he saw a diner with the windows smashed in and decided to scavenge in it for food. He hid in a bush and silently snuck up careful not to attract any mutants in the area. As he did he saw a teenaged girl sitting on a log out in the woods, crying. He moved closer trying to get a better look at her and had snapped a stick under his foot. He froze in his spot and starred at the girl through the bushes waiting for her response.

The girl continued to cry not noticing the noise. Liam continued to move closer a little too hastily and caused the bushes to rustle. The girl looked over her shoulder and then stood up.

"Hello?" She said, "Is someone there? Come out and I won't hurt you."

Liam stood there for a moment thinking.

'Could she be serious?' he thought, 'She doesn't look like she could hurt a fly, but you don't say that unless you actually mean it.'

Liam stood up out of the bushes with his hands up by his head to show that he was friendly. The girl stood there in confusion while Liam stepped out of the bush. The girl stared at him up and down and then spoke up.

"Who are you?" She asked

"Liam. You?"


Liam looked at her at her in astonishment, "Marceline, like Marcie?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I, uh, knew someone who was called Marcie."

Marceline slumped down on the log and Liam sat next to her. The two sat there for in silence trying to avoid the obvious subject. Marceline look at him trying to make conversation and noticed the skateboard stick out from between his back and his bag.

"You ride?" She asked.

"Just to get around really, but I learnt a couple of tricks to pass the time."

They sat there in silence again until Marceline spoke up again.

"So how did you survive? Why didn't anyone else?" She asked looking at him.

"Well, when we had been invaded by the Chinese-"

"Wait what?" Marceline said shocked.

"Don't you remember?"

She shrugged "I must of been out of the country."

"The Chinese invaded here through the ports and then spread out to central America and eventually to the east and set up little base in cities every now and then. So the government released an announcement over TVs and radios that if the Chinese weren't to leave they would retaliate with nuclear weapons." Liam explained.

" No one believed them though and thought that they were bluffing, not even when they started sending out flyers warning the people of the cities to evacuate but they stocked up on food because of that feeling in your gut that you get when something's wrong. No one talked about it but you could see it."

"The only person to believe them was my dad, he was one of the few, if not the only to buy a bunker. We all thought that he had the right idea. For the first two weeks, we believed it but after the third week, we started to have our doubts. My mum even threatened to leave my dad. But while we were all sitting at home one day, we heard planes flying over head. Not one or two planes, but a fleet of them. My family all went outside to see and then we saw one of the planes drop something. It took only a second for us to realise what it was and we bolted for the bunker but there was..." Liam looked down at the ground, "There was an accident and i was the only one in my family left."

"That's horrible." Marceline said.


Marceline sat on the log staring in front of her trying to adsorb what was just said while Liam reminisced in memories of his family. They didn't speak to each other for the next five minutes. It was only when Liam snapped out of his thoughts that he broke the silence.

"So, where's your family?"

"I think my dad's still inside that diner."

"Wait, so you're not the only one alive?"

"No, but I don't really feel like talking about him." Marceline mumbled.


"I said I don't want to talk about him."

"Is that why you were crying?"

Marceline stood up and her eyes literally turned red "I said I don't talk about him!" She shouted.

Liam stood up, "Okay I was just wondering."

"Just leave me alone!" Marceline shouted tearing up and burring her face in her hands.

Liam back away slowly into the woods and then walked off looking for a place nearby to camp so he could go back to Marceline in the morning.