Liam was skating through the streets on his way back out of the city when he saw Marcy again. She was still sitting where she was before but now she was just cuddling her doll. He was staring at her as he rode when he suddenly hit the back of a car and flew across the boot landing on his side.

The car alarm had started to go off and while in great pain, he rolled off the car behind it. He peered over the roof and saw Marcy looking up at it before running off. Liam cradled his side before reaching under the car to grab his board. As he did, he noticed a number of feet coming towards him. Liam reached out for his board stretching his side causing him to winch in pain and pull his arm back.

He noticed more and more mutants were starting to come out of their dark hiding spots and come towards him. He put his arm under the car a second time and desperately reached for his board. He managed to get the tip of his fingers on the edge of the board and started scotching it closer to him. A mutant stumbled up to him and grabbed his arm.

Liam grabbed his board and pulled it out from underneath the car before striking it across the mutants head. He then stood up and slid his board between his back and bag. He pushed through the crowd of mutants and turned around to face it. He pulled out his bat and held it up to his head, ready to swing. A mutant had reached out to grabbed him and Liam swung at him. As he did, his side began to flare up in pain causing him to grab it with one of his hands and loosening his grip with the others. He hit the mutant which made the bat fly out of his hands and fall at the feet of the crowd before being consumed by it. He stared at where the bat had fallen before he pulled out his handgun and pulled the hammer back. Click. He pulled the hammer back again and pulled the trigger. Click.

Liam flicked the cylinder out to check if it was empty. The slot where full. He flicked the cylinder back into it place and tried again. Click. The gun had jammed. By now, the mutants had advanced towards him and were reaching out for him. He hit one of the mutants with the grip and had started to run away. He tried to run, but the car alarm was calling more and more of them out.

Liam saw an alley and dashed to it closely followed by more mutants. He came to a large fence. He turned around and saw the mutants closing in. He began to climb the fence with great difficulty. As he got to the top and was about to jump off, a mutant had grabbed his leg and began to pull on it.

This caused Liam to fall off and land flat on his face and graze the top of his head. He picked himself up and continued to run. More mutants were queuing up in the allies that either side of him. The mutants behind him were pushing up against the fence in an attempt to knock it down.

A ladder was bolted to the side of the wall next to him and he began to frantically climb it. He had reached the top and pulled out his hunting rifle. He fumbled through his pockets looking for any ammunition for it and as he did, the mutants started climbing up.

He kept rifling through his pockets in a crazed attempt to find them only to discover he had none. As the mutants drew nearer, Liam jumped to the building an alleyway across to him just falling short. His stomach hit the edge and he started to fall before stopping himself with his arms, throwing his hunting rifle forward. His forearms held his weight while the rest of his body dangled over the edge. He crawled his way back up to the roof and he picked up his gun before he continued to run.

He saw a roof top entrance thinking of it as a way out back down to street level. He swung opened the door to see a large number of mutants in the stair well. Liam raced back up to the roof shutting the door behind him. It wasn't long until the mutants began banging on the door breaking it. Liam stood at the edge of the building cornered between a potently deathly drop and creatures that want to rip him to shreds.

As the group of mutants hobbled towards him, Liam looked between the drop and the swarm before making his decision. He jumped down from the building towards the pavement. He landed on his feet before the momentum of his fall sent him forward. He placed out his hands bracing himself but one of his legs had hit the curb. He picked himself up and began to run before winching in pain. He looked back at the mutants in the roof before he began to slowly limp away grabbing his leg.