Liam had made his way out of the city and set up a camp. That night he had a dream he wasin the city before it ws destroyed. People were rushing around to get to work, cars queued up along the road, and people were riding bikes through the middle of the crowds causing people o jump out of thier way. Liam stood there smiling while he was watching people carry on with their lives when he saw someone point up into the sky. He looked up to where he was pointing and saw something falling down towads them. He soon knew what it was.

Liam started to run and has he did he heard an explosion. He turned around to see a huge green mushroom cloud where he was standing. People started running but were soon consumed by the heat wave emitted. He continued to run until he found a hole to jump into. He then saw his family standing a few metres in front of him holding out their hands with pleading look on their face. He reached out his hand to grab theirs when the heat wave disintegrated them. He ducked down into the hole and looked out once the heat wave passed over. There he saw Marcie hugging her doll and crying as mutant surrounded her.

Liam jumped out of the hole and tried to push through the crowd to get to her. He was knocked back by one of them and it looked at him before turning back to Marcie and closing in on her. He picked himself up and tried to pushed through the crowd again. The crowd closed in on Marcie and she disappeared in it before it turned to him. He started to run but had tripped and the swarm of mutants had soon surrounded him. They then stood over him and started to rip him apart. He started screaming and soon woke from his dream, gripping his chest and breathing heavily.

When morning had past he packed up his camp and made his way to a lake nearby. He stripped down to his underwear and jumped in. He rubbed some water in his wound on his forehead and cupping some water in his hands, he washed his torso before dipping his head under the water. He ran his fingers through his hair to get all the grease and dirt out. He then grabbed a toothbrush and toothpaste and processed to brush his teeth, spitting the foam in the water.

Liam stepped out of the water and put on his clothes. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out a razor and a battery powered hair trimmer. He then started shaving his stubble using the reflection of the water. He grabbed his hair trimmer and ran it through his hair to cut it down to length. The bits of hair fell from his head, landed on the water, and floated along the surface. He rubbed his now clean face while looking at his reflection.

He grabbed his backpack and began slightly limping into the city. Without a bat, a broken pistol and a empty rifle, Liam would have to keep off the main streets away from the mutants. He was walking through a street and had come across a gun store. He scavenged through the store for ammunition and a bore brush. He found a handful of rounds for both his hunting rifle and his pistol. Liam the sat on the counter and pulled apart his gun before using the bore brush to clean it. He then put the revolver back together and tested the gun while it was empty.

Liam made his way through the city to a sports shop and looked around for a new bat to replace his old one. While rummaging, Liam heard a noise and grabbed the first thing he could, a hockey stick. Holding the stick up high to his head and slowly walked towards the sound. He turned a corner and saw three mutants wandering through the aisle.

He cracked the head of one of the mutants closest to him with a quick sweep. The other two turned to face him and he bashed in the head of another. The third reached out to grab him and Liam dodged it, pivoting on his bad leg before it collapsed. The mutant stood over him and started scratching at him and trying to bite him.

Liam used the hockey stick to keep it a bay holding it up to its neck. He used the handle of the stick to it the mutant in the head knocking it off him. He held the weapon above his head before slamming it down onto the mutants head crushing it's skull. He inspected the weapon before putting it in the slot of his pervious and then set out looking for lunch.

Liam walked for hours on end making it from one side of the city to the other before finding a grocery store. He looked through the aisle looking for any tinned food only to find some tinned spaghetti. Liam sat their eating his food when he stopped suddenly; he heard a voice. He looked under the selves that once held food to see two little feet. It was Marcie.

"Hmm," She said, "What do you think I should have Hambo?" She asked herself standing there.

Liam snuck around to the aisle to watch her. She was talking to the little pink rag doll.

"You're right, I should have the beans." She said before climbing the selves.

Liam started to slowly back away before tripping over a empty jar. Marcie looked over towards the sound.

"Hello?" She asked. Liam picked himself up and started limping away.

"Is someone there?" Marcie started to follow him. "Simon is that you?" She continued to asked relentlessly following him. Liam duck down behind a butcher counter and hid there while Marcie was looking for him.

"Simon where have you been? I've been scared and lonely." Marcie called out.

'She's all alone' Liam thought, 'Simon must of abandoned her.'

Liam stood up from behind the counter to see that Marcie had gone. He could see that the door was swinging closed.

'Must of gone looking for Simon' He thought 'Poor girl.'

He stood there for a while looking at the door before heading back out of the city.