After the Events OF Ice Ninjas. As Finn and Jake were Going home Something Popped Up Finn and Jake Got Sucked Into A Portal.

Note:This is A Lame One~Shot Read it If You DARE!


Jake:Wait What It's not so bad.

(Finn and Jake Wake Up In Mordecai and Rigby's Room)

As Finn Rose From The Floor He Saw A Blue Jay and A Brown Racoon Looking At Him At a Weird way....

"Who Are you?" Finn Asked

"I'm Mordecai" And "Im Rigby!" They Both Said.

"How In the World Did We Get Here?!" Jake Asked.

Mordecai: There Was a Large Portal And.

(They Continue To explain And Showed Them Around Town)


Mordecai: Since you guys are here.Would you care to help us?

Jake:Oh Sure.

Its Regular Time!!!

Outside the House.

Finn:What Would You like Us TO help you with?

Mordecai:Well its seems Rigby Here Burned The hotdogs And Destroyed The Grill for the Party.

Rigby: I can fix it!

Mordecai:No,no you can't Rigby.You just can't.

Finn:Where do We Get more Meat?

Mordecai: In the Meat Cellar

Jake:That Sounds Cold.Finn Bootie me!

(Finn Throws Booties)

(After a While In The Meat Cellar)

Rigby:I Found The Dogs.

Finn:Lets move!

'('60 seconds Later)

(Jake,Pops,Benson,Skips,Muscle Man,Mordecai, Are trapped Jake Currently Can't Use His powers)

Instead He Uses It To Eat All the Sauce!

Finn:Im Gonna Take You Down Town!

Jake:Finn don't Do anything Stupid!

Finn: I Cant help it Im All About Stupid.

Finn:Psst,Rigby Go Buy some Regular hot dogs.



(finn Destroys The Psycho hot Dogs)

Rigby:Im Back Now lets Parteh!!

The end OF my lame One-Shot