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Jake's Magic Hobo Cloak Of Adventure Part 6

Jake:Hey Its the Dancing Bug.Shake it Bro!

Dancing Bug:I forgot How to

Jake:Oh Poop.I have to stay and teach you then sorry Mud.

Mudkip:No Problemo Jake.I still have to Go to Lich's Lair.

Jake:Be Careful! The Lich Can Control you!

Mudkip: I will

Mudkip:Come on Sora You Wanted To Fight Hunson Well Come here.Dont make me get the Angry Goofy!

Sora:Ermm you dont need to get it lets go!

Evil Ocean.

Mudkip:Watch out Sora! Its the Troll Wave!

Troll Wave:Face my Unwanted Pictures!!!


(Splashes Troll pics at Sora)

Sora:What just Happened?

Mudkip:This Happened.Magic Cloak go! Tentacruel Swarm Go!

TentaCruel Leader:Tentas ATTACK!

(as The Tentacruels Troll the Troll wave)

Troll Wave:Shoots Troll Lazer at Mudkip!

Mudkip:No.Magic cloak GO! Troll Rebound!! FIGHT THE POWER!!

Troll Wave:Noooo!!! IM being trolled by my Stupid troll powers NuuUUuuu!

Mudkip and Sora:You know What Time it is LUNCH TIME!!

Mudkip:"Opens Treasure bag" "Grabs Big Apple" gives Sora a Big Apple.


Mudkip:Now Lets GO!!

Lich's Lair

Mudkip:Ugh Skeleton Guards

Sora:I'll go Fight You go Beat up the Lich!

YOU DARE TO FACE ME YOU MUST DIE! even though if you are dead!


Lich:Mudkip! Arent you Cold

Mudkip:Are You Dumb Or something? "taunts lich some More" I am A Cold Blooded Thing!

Mudkip:Face The Wrath Of my Angry GOOFY!

Lich:NOOO! Anything But Him!

Mudkip:Rainbow Lazer GO!

(Lich Becomes Good)

Lich:Right Thanks.

Sora:hey Wheres Hunson!

Mudkip:Wait up

Mudkip:"Draws A Troll Face"

Mudkip:"Douses It With Bug Milk"

Mudkip: "Maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum!"!!!!!!

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